Atlanta Motorcycle Accident Attorneys at The Brown Firm Explain the Importance of Wearing a Helmet

The Brown Firm, Atlanta, has released a new blog explaining the benefits of wearing a helmet in a motorcycle accident. The personal injury firm explores a helmet’s role in protecting the rider from severe head injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries, and saving lives as well as benefiting them financially if they are involved in an accident. You can learn more about the Motorcycle accident lawyers at:

“Many motorcycle riders don't realize it, but their use of motorcycle helmets, or lack thereof, is a critical and often controversial part of motorcycle accident claims and lawsuits.” The motorcycle accident injury firm cautions that not wearing a helmet during an accident might go against the victim, and the “insurance company of the other party will use that fact against you and try to give you a higher percentage of fault of injury in the accident.”

Atlanta Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

The best motorcycle accident lawyers in Atlanta advise wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle to prove that the other party was responsible for all injuries from the incident and get them to pay for the damages. The article explains that serious injuries typically happen from a car vs. motorcycle accident. The most common causes of these accidents are speeding or distracted driving. It is easier not to see a motorcyclist than a vehicle, making it more dangerous when a driver is distracted.

The article explains that if the other driver was speeding or driving distracted, but the victim was not wearing a helmet, the insurance company may assign 80% of the fault to the other driver and the victim 20%. “The insurance will argue that even though you weren't responsible for the accident, you are responsible for your injuries because you weren't wearing a helmet.”

The top motorcycle accident attorneys reiterate the need for a helmet to win a claim for the victim and prove that the other party was 100% at fault.

The article stresses the importance of medical records and witnesses’ testimony to fight a helmet usage argument. An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer knows what to do and how to gather crucial evidence, including medical records and finding a local medical expert who has experience with the legal claims process. “If a medical expert states that the severity of your injury was not affected by your lack of a motorcycle helmet, you have a much better shot at recovering more damages in your personal injury claim.”

The Brown Firm has helped Atlanta motorcycle accident victims fight against negligent parties and their insurance providers to get the best compensation.

An experienced motorcycle accident attorney from The Brown Firm will look out for your legal interests while you focus on your physical recovery. Any victim of an accident should get in touch with the top motorcycle accident lawyers in Atlanta to increase the value of their accident claim against the negligent driver even if they weren't wearing a helmet and negotiate with insurance companies.

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