Atlanta Institute of Music and Media Introduces Their Online Music School for Those in Memphis, TN

Atlanta Institute of Music and Media (AIMM) is a progressive music school that seeks to help people that want a career in music have a chance at success. Evidence of that is their online music school in Memphis, TN. Now those who would like a Certificate in Music and Technology with a concentration in Guitar or Bass can get one with AIMM’s help. Online registration is simple and the courses offer much scheduling flexibility.

Nite Driscoll, President of Atlanta Institute of Music and Media, says “There are a lot of talented people out there who would like a career in music but have resigned themselves to believe that’s only a dream. Well, it does not have to be that way and we are here to help. We offer many onsite and online music and technology classes that can be exactly what one needs to get their foot in the door and embark on the professional music career that they have always wanted. Our online music courses will help those in Memphis and elsewhere hone their music and production skills and put a name on their resume that is a recognized leader in music learning.”

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Driscoll went on to say that due to online learning, job opportunities have never better for someone who wants to pursue a career in music. They offer the perfect opportunity for driven individuals to elevate their music skill level and give themselves their best opportunity for success. All this while studying and practicing from the comfort of their own home. He says that they use a flexible and uniquely effective online approach to vocational training for musicians. He says the well-rounded online curriculum includes classroom instruction, private instruction, audio, DVD and video labs, a computer lab, and live clinics. Students also have the ability to ask their instructors questions.

The school president stated that these online courses are not designed to help novice musicians get introductory lessons on how to play a guitar or bass. They are specifically designed for those that are intermediate instrumentalists or better on the guitar or bass. He says the courses are not geared toward any particular musical flavor either. They can help those that prefer to play Jazz, Classical, Rock, Folk, Blues, R&B, and more. Driscoll also brought up the fact that their fully-accredited online courses in Music and Technology will provide those that take them with 36 credit hours that are fully transferable towards an Associate of Applied Science in Music and Technology Degree.

Driscoll said that there is one key trait that sets their online learning courses apart from others around the country. That’s the fact that their online music certificates go beyond just helping a student master their instrument. Each one will also learn valuable music production techniques, such as recording, mixing, and mastering. This will be done by learning how to use AVID Pro Tools. As an AVID Pro Tools training partner, students will be learning the same best Pro Tools techniques that many top-rated producers in the music industry use. He said this will help give AIMM online students in Memphis a much more well-rounded music background and a leg up on the competition when launching a music career. That way when they go to begin their job hunt in Memphis or elsewhere, they will have an accredited certificate along with being well-versed in music production and that will make that student an incredibly attractive job candidate. The school president went on to add that those taking their online courses will even be given the opportunity to work with the school’s well-connected career placement specialists. He mentioned that their students have gone on to work with such well-known artists as Nelly, Ludacris, Ciara, Justin Bieber, Mary J. Blige, and Mariah Carey as well as companies such as Comcast, Nickelodeon, and the Cartoon Network.

Driscoll says that those who want more information on their Memphis online courses can call them or fill out the ‘request for information’ form on their website.


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