Atlanta Institute of Music and Media Has Just Announced that They are Now Offering a Vocal Performance Certificate

The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media (AIMM) is pleased to announce that they are now offering a Vocal Performance Certificate. This certificate not only gives aspiring singers a chance to improve their talent but also looks great on their resume when they try to land a professional singing job. Even those students who have other commitments in their busy lives can find time to complete this course as it only takes 12 months (4 quarters) of ¾ time enrollment. Aspiring vocalists will learn all the best techniques to perfect their singing which includes such aspects of that as how to expand their range and perfect their tone.

The President of Atlanta Institute of Music and Media, Nite Driscoll, says, “Without a doubt, there is a lot of competition for those that are trying to start a singing career. That’s why people who are interested in becoming professional singers really need to do whatever they can to get a leg up on the competition. That’s exactly what our Vocal Performance Certificate is designed to do. Those that take our course can polish their vocal skills, learn more about the nuances of being a professional in the music business, and use our school's well-established reputation to help them gain employment as a professional singer. This certificate also provides an excellent foundation for those singers that decide that they want to learn even more about their craft and work toward a Music and Technology Associate Degree with an emphasis on Voice Concentration.”

vocal performance degree

Driscoll went on to say that their new vocal music school curriculum also offers some nice options as far as attendance goes. Those who sign up for the course can either attend classes at the school in-person or complete the entire course online. He says that giving people such a wide range of options means that nobody ever has to give up on their dream of being a professional singer. It’s something those at the school are always very adamant about as they try to build flexibility into their curriculums. The institute president noted that taking the Vocal Performance Certificate course online is also a great way for aspiring singers to get their feet wet studying voice before they decide to pursue a Music and Technology Associate Degree: Voice Concentration in-person at the school.

AIMM’s president also wants to remind people that the course is very well-rounded and goes beyond just honing one’s singing skills. He says the Vocal Performance Certificate will make students more intelligent vocalists that can adapt their singing styles to meet different demands that are asked of them as professionals. This will also help give students the confidence that they need when going after more demanding and better-paying jobs in a competitive music market. Driscoll added that if students combine what they learn from AIMM with their natural singing style, they will be able to nicely combine their musical talent and creative potential with their newfound technical skills.

AIMM’s music certificates and degree programs are finding themselves in the news a lot lately. So, this press release on one of their new innovative music and media-related courses is by no means unique. Those who like to see AIMM's other Press Releases that have been written on the school’s current in-person and online music curriculums can do so by taking a look at their online media room. Many of these press releases go into detail on the other curriculums that AIMM offers such as their Performance Program Certificate focused in Drums, Music Production & Audio for Media Associate Degree, and their Online Music & Technology Certificate with a focus in guitar.

For those that want more information on the certificates and degrees that this reputable music school offers all of that information can be found on their website. There are even links found there that will help prospective students get the information on the courses that they are interested in. AIMM’s website is also full of many interesting success stories of those that have taken their certificate and degree courses.


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