Atlanta Injury Doctor Discusses How To Handle Neck Pain After A Car Accident

Arrowhead Clinic in Atlanta, Georgia, urges victims of auto accidents to seek immediate treatment for neck pain. Car accidents result in a variety of injuries, such as debilitating pain, especially in the neck. An Atlanta injury doctor is the best person to help the victim manage their neck pain after a car accident.

A neck pain doctor after a car accident in Atlanta understands the need for the treatment of minor and severe injuries sustained in an accident. Chiropractors at Arrowhead Clinic in Atlanta believe in the timely treatment of a neck injury, warning that any delay can ultimately affect the ability of the victim to accomplish everyday tasks.

“If neck pain shows up after a car crash, it should not be ignored. This could be the first signs of a whiplash injury.” The Atlanta injury doctor defines whiplash as a sprain or strain to the muscles, tendons, or ligaments in the neck and upper back, which may cause moderate to severe pain, depending on the severity of the injury. A whiplash injury may cause chronic pain if left untreated. Arrowhead Clinic specializes in the treatment of whiplash injuries resulting from a collision. These injuries may be minor or major, resulting in a strain and stress to the neck, and must be treated immediately.

The Atlanta neck pain doctor explains that some accident injuries are delayed due to the adrenaline rush and may become chronic, causing the heart to beat faster and shifting the victim’s focus on handling the situation at hand. “Adrenaline will often mask pain symptoms, leaving the victim to believe they are fine, even if an injury has been sustained.”

The Atlanta auto accident chiropractor advises immediate examination by a medical professional to diagnose the extent of injuries and avoid chronic neck pain and degenerative diseases. An in-depth evaluation is crucial for a proper diagnosis so the doctor can customize treatment for neck pain and injuries resulting from a car accident in Georgia. “Visible injuries are not the only reason to seek treatment. You're just as likely to suffer from a traumatic injury that cannot be seen with the naked eye.”

The Arrowhead Clinic doctors perform a full-body evaluation and diagnostic testing to find the root cause of the pain and design a personalized treatment plan to provide lasting pain relief.
Any victim of a car accident in Atlanta who suffers from neck pain should schedule a same-day free consultation with the best chiropractors for pain relief and recovery at Arrowhead Clinic. The experienced and knowledgeable team of auto accident chiropractors recognizes that each patient is unique, and they design individual treatment options. Contact Arrowhead Clinic in Atlanta today for a free consultation at 770-961-7246.


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