Atlanta Hit And Run Accident Lawyer Spells Out Things To Do Following a Collision

Injuries sustained in a hit and run accident make victims eligible to receive compensation for medical expenses, property damaged, pain, and emotional suffering. A recent blog post by The Brown Firm, a highly successful Atlanta hit and run accident lawyer, spells out essential things to do following a car accident.

Explaining the legal background of such accidents, the blog post mentions, “A hit and run accident is considered a supplemental crime. Whether a driver hits an object, such as another car or a person, he is obliged by law to stop. The driver who caused the hit and run accident can be sued for compensation for the damages and injuries that were sustained from the at-fault driver's insurance company.”

Woman Injured after a Hit and Run accident in Atlanta

Immediately after a hit and run it is imperative to call the police and to ensure they collect all necessary information. It is essential to help them get all details, including the insurance information of the at-fault driver. According to the blog, this information and police reports must be filed for a personal injury claim for compensation in Atlanta.

After a hit and run it is important to seek medical care. Musculoskeletal injuries can exuberate and may become chronic if not treated. A medical report, the blog underlines, is an integral part of filing a compensation claim.

The article adds, “After a hit and run accident, you may be seriously injured or traumatized. That means you're going to need time to recover. Meanwhile, to have a chance to win your case, you need to act fast. By hiring a car crash attorney, you have a much higher chance of receiving a good settlement or winning a lawsuit.”

The blog also points out that the defendant and the insurance company more likely offer a favorable settlement when supported by a reputed Atlanta hit and run accident lawyer. It is because they know an attorney will pursue the injury lawsuit in court and impose additional costs with punitive damages on them. The car accident lawyer also plays a pivotal role in documenting medical reports as required to boost the injury claim. The blog posts warn that “without medical documentation, it will be difficult to get the amount of money you deserve for your injuries.”

A victim may prefer to fight their case on their own. However, the blog considers it an “uneven battle.” It highlights that insurance companies backed by lawyers and drawing from their previous experience hold an edge. Unless the victim gets support from a professional lawyer for a hit and run accident, they may not be aware of laws, loopholes, and the right to seek damages. This puts victims at the risk of compensation denial or an unfavorable settlement.

The Brown Firm, led by personal injury chiropractor and lawyer Harry Brown, is admired for its approach to each client. It recognizes the need to help hit and run victims, who have been struggling financially, medically, and emotionally with practical legal support and get adequate compensation. Car accident lawyers at the firm boast a stellar record while representing hit and run accident victims. Those in need of Atlanta’s services of a hit and run accident attorney in Atlanta may visit The Brown Firm’s website or contact through the telephone or via email for a free consultation. They are open from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.


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