Atlanta Chiropractor Explains What May Be Causing Neck Pain in New Blog Post

Arrowhead Clinic Chiropractor Atlanta, a chiropractic clinic in Atlanta, GA, has recently published a blog post on the possible causes of neck pain. Most residents of the U.S. will suffer from severe neck pain at one time or another. Some of it is unavoidable but there are causes of neck pain that can be fully preventable as long as one can be sure what is causing it. The article discusses some common causes of neck pain they have encountered at the Atlanta office of the Arrowhead Clinic.

Dr. Summer Turner from the Arrowhead Clinic says, “Rear-end collisions, in particular, are infamous for causing neck pain. Our seat belts protect our bodies, but our necks are exposed to massive positive and negative forces due to the impact of a car accident. One type of injury that is common in car accident victims is whiplash, although this may also occur as a result of contact sports. Football, boxing, MMA, wrestling, and hockey are contact sports where the athletes often suffer from a lot of trauma not just on the body but also on the head. If you believe you have such an injury and are considering the services of a chiropractor, follow us on Facebook to learn more about what we can do for you.”

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The experienced chiropractors at Arrowhead Clinic in Atlanta, including Dr. Summer Turner, are all certified and licensed doctors who specialize in alleviating neck pain and other kinds of pain throughout the body. This is done through gentle and non-invasive chiropractic techniques. They will also provide advice on stress management, changes in nutrition, lifestyle goals, posture, and sleep positions.

Aside from whiplash and car accident injuries, another common cause of neck pain is poor posture. Unfortunately, more and more Americans are developing poor posture possibly due to the use of computers and smartphones, which cause people to have their necks bent constantly while looking down at their devices. The longer people sit and look at their phones during the day, the more their necks are placed in a flexion dominant position. The problem with this position is that the hyoids, which are the frontal neck muscles, become weaker over time. On the other hand, the occipitals, which are the muscles at the base of the skull, become too tight. This condition results into headaches; overall neck stiffness, pain, and tightness; and severe cervical disc degeneration.

Dr. Summer Turner wants to point out that understanding whiplash symptoms is important so that those who have been in a car accident will have some hint that they might be suffering from a whiplash injury and seek medical attention. When the body suffers an impact during an accident or when participating in contact sports, the spine and the muscle system are directly affected. The muscles around the area directly affected by the trauma will tighten to protect the area. If the neck trauma is sustained over time, the body will start to adapt to this tightened condition. This will then result into trigger points and muscle spasms and if not treated can lead to a more serious disc degeneration of the cervical spine.

The experienced doctors at Arrowhead Clinic will conduct a thorough examination to determine the specific cause of the pain being felt by the patient. They will find out which areas are restricting movement and they will also take a look at how the patient walks, including spinal alignment and overall posture. Aside from conducting a physical exam, they will also examine the patient’s previous medical history. In addition, they may require some imaging tests, such as an x-ray or an MRI, to help in the diagnosis of the exact reason for the pain.

For treating neck pain, they may apply certain spinal manipulation techniques. These include the instrument-assisted manipulation, flexion-distraction technique, and specific spinal manipulation.

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