Atlanta Car Accident Chiropractor Urges Not To Delay Medical Help After An Accident

Arrowhead Clinic in Atlanta urges car accident victims to seek immediate medical assistance from an expert. In their latest blog post, Dr. Summer Turner, the top car accident chiropractor in Atlanta, explains the benefits of chiropractic services for car accident victims.

The injury specialist advises seeking medical help immediately after an auto accident in Atlanta to diagnose hidden injuries. An accident chiropractor assesses the extent of injuries and plans a customized treatment course for the victim. The Arrowhead Clinic chiropractors prepare a medical report for victims to help them fight a personal injury claim. They provide victims with the necessary documentation to prove that their injuries were sustained in a car accident.

The top accident doctor in Atlanta warns that any delay in medical treatment can turn minor injuries into serious injuries and hurt the victim’s car accident claim, advising immediate medical help to treat injuries and prove personal injury claim.

“You have to prove a connection between your accident and your injuries, and without documentation, this is hard to do.” Arrowhead Clinic has more than 40 years of experience in treating accident victims. The top car accident chiropractors begin with a diagnosis of the injuries with imaging tests and devising a treatment plan accordingly to help patients recover physically and financially.
Some of the most common car accident injuries treated by the Atlanta auto accident chiropractor include concussion, knee injury, herniated disc, and whiplash, which are easier to manage with timely chiropractic care.

Whiplash doesn't present immediate symptoms, states the auto accident chiropractor in Atlanta, advising that victims should closely watch out for specific symptoms after a car crash. Dr. Turner highlights symptoms as neck pain and stiffness, blurry vision, shoulder pain, headaches, limited range of motion, numbness in upper arms, and tenderness in the neck area.

Patients love the chiropractors at Arrowhead Clinic of Atlanta for their commitment to patient care, professional service, and customized treatment.

Their chiropractic team, led by Dr. Summer Turner, is well versed in chiropractic care with an emphasis on accident-related treatment to help victims recover from injuries and seek financial compensation through a personal injury attorney.

Anybody seeking Atlanta chiropractic care should visit Arrowhead Clinic and schedule a free consultation with the leading team of auto accident chiropractors.


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