Atlanta Car Accident Attorney Suggests Ways To Reduce Risk Of Accidents

The Angell Law Firm, based in Atlanta, GA, has recently published a blog post entitled 'How to Reduce the Risk of Car Accidents?' The blog post highlights the most common causes of car accidents that cause injuries, emotional loss, and financial hardships.

Bryce Angell, a leading Atlanta car accident lawyer also mentions the steps to prevent auto accidents.

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The blog post starts with the most common cause of car accidents, which is distracted driving. “One might not think that making the occasional phone call or munching on a snack while driving is a big deal, but estimations say that nine people are killed in fatal crashes each day in the US," according to the blog post.

Sadly, thousands of people suffer injuries in crashes due to distracted driving.

Another common cause of distracted driving is texting while driving. Cell phones alone are to be blamed for 1.6 million crashes every year, with 1 of 4 auto accidents in the United States blamed on texting and driving.

The blog post offers advice for those who find it challenging to stay away from a ringing phone while driving.

According to the article, turning off the cell phone or switching it to airplane mode can help. Better still, the blog post suggests using a navigation system for directions. This eliminates the role of a cell phone GPS for giving directions.

Informing friends and family is a good idea before starting a journey on the road. That way, they will think twice before calling.

Furthermore, the blog post advises limiting the number of passengers in the vehicle, avoiding snacking while driving, and taking breaks mid-way on a long journey to reduce the risk of stressed and tired driving.

Reckless driving, speeding, and driving under the influence are the leading causes of car accidents that are preventable as well, according to the blog post.

Driving under the influence of alcohol puts a person in less control of their situation. Sadly, they lose their ability to focus and operate a vehicle carefully.

A responsible driver must avoid drinking before and during the journey. If drinking is unavoidable, it might help to get the services of another licensed driver.

According to the article, a defensive driving course can be priceless when it comes to preventing car accidents. The course trains individuals in safe driving techniques for better control behind the wheel, especially in emergencies. It also instructs how to deal with road rage episodes, emotional triggers, and fatigue while driving. The blog post suggests that the course refreshes the driver's knowledge of the road's rules and regulations.

A defensive driving course is the best training needed to learn how to anticipate and react quickly to road hazards.

With weather contributing significantly to road accidents, the blog post mentions the need to avoid driving in rain, storm, cyclone, and thunderstorm. Automobiles can skid on a road battered by heavy rainfall, snowfall, and ice.

According to the article, snow can create hazardous driving conditions that reduce visibility on the road. One must avoid driving in such dangerous conditions. When driving in snow or rain, it is critical to drive slowly and keep extra distance between two vehicles.

The two-second rule is an excellent way to avoid a car accident in situations when the driver is unsure about the distance between the vehicle in front. The blog post suggests that the rule is all about driving at a speed that keeps one behind the front car by at least two seconds.

On highways, it should be three seconds since vehicles go speedily there.

"But how do you know if you're two seconds behind the car in front of you? When you're driving, pick an object on the road like a tree or a sign. When the car in front of you reaches it, start counting. It would be best if you counted to at least two before you pass the same object. If your count doesn't make it to two, you need to back off a bit," suggests the blog post.

Safe driving is the key at all times. But sometimes, despite following safety rules, road accidents happen.

For those who are not lucky on the road and end up in an accident, the Angell Law Firm's experienced car accident lawyers can help fight for compensation.

One's safety is a priority, so follow all safety rules on the road.

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