Atlanta-Based Linen Service Reminds that Professional Tent Cleaning Offers Many Benefits to Those that Get it Done

As the outdoor camping and entertaining season in the deep south are now coming to a close due to cooler weather, Nannini Linen Service wants to remind people that it’s a great time to take advantage of their professional tent cleaning service. The company said this is the absolute best way to prolong the life of these oft used items and get them in a condition where they are fresh and ready to be immediately used when they come out of storage again in the spring. This Atlanta-based linen service knows all about this because they have been offering extensive tent cleaning services to their clients for many years now.

Kristine B, a company spokesperson, says, “Anyone that has ever cleaned larger sized camping or entertaining tents knows what a painstaking and time-consuming task that is. That’s why we encourage those that own or rent out larger size tents to consider letting us do that demanding job for them. We have the equipment and experience to get even the biggest and dirtiest tents back to looking and smelling good once again. This service is also much more affordable than one might expect.”

The company spokesperson went on to say that most ordinary home washing machines simply cannot clean tougher and thicker materials such as camping and entertaining tents normally have. That’s why so many people bring their tents to be cleaned by linen cleaning professionals such as themselves. She stated that they use heavy-duty, large capacity washers, and advanced but safe cleaning solutions to get even the most stubborn dirt, grime, and mildew off of any size tent. This even includes tents made out of heavy-duty canvas material. Kristine says that their tent washing service includes spot treating where necessary and they will even hand wash large size commercial tents if that’s what the job requires for it to be done right. She added that by hiring them to professionally clean a tent, it will also help people avoid the common mistakes that people often make when cleaning larger size tents that harms the material and, in turn, shortens that damaged tents useful life. The company spokesperson stated that they have even heard stories about people doing such crazy things as cleaning their heavy-duty tents using floor polishing machines and doing it on very abrasive surfaces such as rough concrete floors.

Kristine also mentioned that they offer a wide variety of other services besides just tent cleaning. That includes being experts when it comes to cleaning heavy linens that are used for large parties and other events such as weddings and business meetings. She says that many of the people that put on these big events simply do not have the time or the means to do this job properly. They have the experienced personnel and high capacity washing machines to handle even the most demanding linen cleanup tasks. The company spokesperson says that when these are combined with their advanced but safe cleaning solutions, it makes even the dirtiest linens turn out looking like they just came out of the box. She said that in addition to washing linens, the company also has linens that are available for sale or rent. These come in many different color choices to fit different types of occasions and they are rented or sold in two styles of fabrics. According to Kristine, these fabrics include more budget-friendly polyester soft matte material and more elegant satin material that has somewhat of a sheen to it. She pointed out that they even have an experienced design team that will help those who want to purchase linens get them made to their exact specifications.

Kristine says that those in the Atlanta area who want more information on their tent cleaning or other linen-related services can call them on the phone, fill out the request a quote form on their website, or stop in and see them between the hours of 8 am to 12 midnight Monday thru Friday.


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