Assured Standard Explores General Liability Insurance For Businesses

February 2022: Assured Standard presents its detailed guide that explores general liability insurance for businesses. The guide was compiled by the company’s financial and insurance experts and released amid the rapidly changing business landscape to highlight the importance of insurance coverage for businesses. The article was published on Assured Standard's website.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners invest a great deal of time, money, and energy when establishing their companies. Unfortunately, the business market can prove extremely volatile and unpredictable, as the year 2020 showed when struck by the pandemic. Despite the uncertainty and level of risk involved, 40% of small businesses aren’t insured, and another 75% are underinsured. This publication addresses the important aspects of general liability insurance for businesses.

According to Assured Standard, the guide was produced after in-depth research by their experts. The guide’s primary focus is on the main features and purpose of general liability insurance. The new article further sheds light on all that general liability insurance covers for businesses. The experts in the guide explained the importance of insurance for businesses and the risks, financial and legal implications for a company without coverage. The guide was published as part of their regular research on insurance solutions for businesses. The full guide can be found here:

“Acquiring liability coverage guarantees that the company abides by the law and saves itself from additional penalties. The guide analyzes why business owners need general liability insurance. It helps entrepreneurs and small business owners by guiding them on all the essential aspects of a general liability policy,” said Chairman and CEO of Assured Standard Arthur Williamson.

Since the launch of the company, Assured Standard has provided an extensive library of online resources on business insurance, cyber insurance, and truck insurance. The insurance advisor aims to help businesses and entrepreneurs in insurance matters by delivering information, advice, research, reviews, comparisons, analyses, and practical tips on different types of insurance, from general liability to worker’s compensation and physical damage coverage. It also offers recommendations for the best B2B coverage options available. Readers can learn more about comprehensive commercial trucking insurance, by visiting their page:

Williamson said, “Our mission is to carry out all necessary research for crafting insurance policies with our quality content, guides, recommendations, and resources to help businesses choose the right commercial insurance program.” According to Assured Standard, readers need to be informed on all their insurance options, so they can craft their policies according to their requirements.

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