Ashwood Recovery Releases Information About Differentiating Substance Misuse and Addiction

Boise, ID - Northpoint Ashwood, located in Boise, Idaho recently shared information about differentiating between substance misuse and addiction for those searching for answers.

“There is often confusion between substance abuse versus substance addiction,” the article states. “Both abuse and addiction present a whole host of social, psychological, and physical problems for the person who is struggling with these facets of substance use. However, it is important to understand the key differences between what constitutes substance abuse and what full-blown addiction looks like.”

Northpoint Ashwood Substance Abuse vs Addiction Infographic

The article then shares the four key differences between the two and also adds information about what comes with healing from addiction—such as withdrawal symptoms.

By releasing this information, the goal is to inform the reader that there is a certain difference between the two. This will hopefully allow the reader to take the information learned and share it with others, especially those who might be facing addiction themselves.

“The main takeaway in this post is not necessarily only that the difference between substance addiction versus substance abuse reflects two distinct complications of substance use,” representatives of Northpoint Ashwood wrote. “Instead, the key insight is that while there is a differentiation between the two, substance abuse can often either coincide with or even lead to substance addiction. In other words, one should not dismiss the possibility of addiction just because they recognize symptoms of substance abuse rather than full-blown addiction.”

Northpoint Ashwood is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center specializing in providing individualized treatment for their patients in an outpatient program. There are three tiers of treatment offered at Northpoint Ashwood: partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient and traditional outpatient. These forms of treatment allow patients to continue their work and social lives away from treatment, while fulfilling the requirements to reach the goal of long-term recovery.

Northpoint Ashwood is available daily to take calls from individuals struggling with the battle of addiction or substance misuse. They also want to hear from loved ones of those who are struggling. The first step to recovery is calling today at 208-906-0782.


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