Asbestos Removal Service Now Available For St. Louis Properties

Wentzville, MO based ABC Environmental Contracting Services is pleased to offer their asbestos removal services to communities in St. Louis, MO and the surrounding areas. The company strongly believes in delivering nothing short of an exemplary service in every case, especially given how dangerous asbestos contamination can be. As such, homeowners and businesses can trust the company to completely eliminate their asbestos issues once they arrive on site.

“Asbestos is not a substance that you want to take chances with,” cautions Dan Benton of ABC Environmental Contracting Services. “It may be far more common to hear about the dangers asbestos poses today, but we continue to see many residents who unfortunately take far too long to act on the matter once they suspect its presence on their property. We at ABC Environmental Contracting Services urge you not to hesitate to call us if you discover such an issue.”

asbestos removal St. louis

While asbestos has not commonly been used in commercial and residential construction since the late 19th century, the company explains that many buildings from that era are still standing (and in use) today. This means that people who have inherited property or moved into old buildings as tenants may be completely unaware of its origins. If asbestos insulation was used, continued exposure can cause a variety of severe illnesses, including lung cancer, asbestosis, mesothelioma and so on — and many of these conditions can be difficult to treat. Therefore, the company encourages that even a mere suspicion of asbestos be investigated before it is too late.

In such cases, property owners and other concerned individuals are welcome to request asbestos testing via ABC Environmental Contracting Services. This comprehensive process involves both a careful visual examination of any areas that may be affected as well as the collection and analysis of associated samples. If asbestos is present, the company will provide the customer with a full report of its location and prevalence, among many other details.

The customer can consult with the company’s experts before deciding on a course of asbestos abatement. Benton explains that asbestos needs special care to clean up due to the need to limit the spread of any particles (through the air), and it is extremely inadvisable for non-professionals to attempt it as it can put them at risk. Instead, it is recommended that the area be avoided as much as possible until a certified asbestos removal expert can address the situation.

Benton adds that the company is able to carry out siding, tile and even popcorn ceiling removal if these materials contain asbestos. No matter where the asbestos is located, ABC Environmental Contracting Services can remove it in a prompt and professional manner.

Tanner Reid’s top-rated Google review sheds some light on how the company approaches such situations, specifically where the customer is concerned. The review shares, “This company did some asbestos removal for me and put all new flooring in my basement. They are a great company to work with. Went above and beyond for me. They finished ahead of schedule, and my new flooring looks amazing. Would highly recommend this company for home remodeling or asbestos removal.”

ABC Environmental Contracting Services states that customer service is a cornerstone of their business, as it should be for any business, but the company interprets this to mean that everyone they help out should have to deal with as little stress as possible over the course of any project. ABC has worked hard to improve this aspect of their services, and this effort has culminated in the fact that customers can call the company for help and expect their issues to be resolved without having to get more involved than they want to.

As an excerpt from a 5-Star Google review posted by Stanlèy James Trice Sr. says, “Your dedication and attention to our claim were above and beyond our expectations. Because of your hard work we were able to put our life back in order again. We know no one could have done a better job than your company. Thank you once again for everything you did for us.”

Additional details on the company’s asbestos removal services can be found on the official ABC Environmental Contracting Services website. Learn more here: Asbestos Removal St. Louis.


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