As Santa Ana CA Copes with Increased Substance Abuse Muse Addiction Treatment Center in Los Angeles Provides Answers

Santa Ana, CA - Santa Ana residents are slowly but surely becoming concerned about an upswing in cases of serious substance abuse in the area. Studies indicate that substance abuse leads to around 700 deaths per year in Orange County. As the city works to develop a comprehensive plan to address this problem, Muse Treatment Center in Los Angeles is offering those struggling with substance abuse the kind of supportive addiction care that’s required to overcome addiction.

Clients who decide to take advantage of an inpatient addiction treatment program will live on the property during the course of their early recovery. They will have the peace of mind of knowing that expert clinical staff is available to assist them in any of their concerns during the time that they are in Muse’s care. With inpatient treatment, patients can feel secure knowing they have round-the-clock care to aid their transition into a sober life.

Addiction Treatment in California from Muse Treatment

An outpatient program, on the other hand, provides clients with the flexibility to return home after scheduled treatments and activities each day. This is a perfect solution for clients with personal or professional responsibilities to take care of every day. Outpatient treatment is recommended for those who have already completed inpatient rehab or who don’t require 24-hour care. It is not recommended that people who have had long-term addictions or current severe addictions, start out in outpatient treatment.

Muse also offers their clients the option of a sober living program. In sober living, clients participating in outpatient treatment are provided housing with other participants. Residents of sober homes are able to come and go throughout the day, however, they will need to be home by a certain time each day, be willing to be drug tested regularly, participate in meetings and group therapy, and be a helpful and courteous member of the household team. Sober living is an important step for many in early recovery as it provides much of the structure and support of inpatient rehab while people are learning to live more independently out in the world.

Recent data shows that in Orange County, 1 in every 6 people report needing help with mental health or substance abuse issues. Muse Treatment Center is proud to offer clients the tools and resources needed to overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Regardless of whether a client has gone through a treatment program at another location, or this is the first time reaching out for help, the Muse team is ready to help anyone who truly wants to overcome their addiction. To learn more call (800) 426-1818 or go to


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