As Riverside California Residents Face Increasing Issues Related to Substance Abuse Muse Addiction Treatment Center in Los Angeles Provides Answers

Riverside, CA – Riverside, California, a city located approximately 50 miles east of Los Angeles, is home to countless notable venues including a University of California campus, the California Citrus State Historic Park and Museum of Riverside. However, underneath these cultural attractions lies a growing problem. Like many cities and towns across the US, Riverside has experienced an increase in cases of substance abuse and addiction in recent years.

The Covid-19 pandemic spurred record high rates of substance abuse during lockdown periods. The White House recently reported roughly 88,000 opioid-related overdose deaths occurred during the 12 months leading up to August 2020. The state of California saw overdose deaths increase by 20% in 2020.

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It’s important to remember, however, that the pandemic only accelerated an already existing problem. The rise in availability of synthetic opioids like Fentanyl has been driving staggering rates of overdoses in California and across the country for years.

Federal and state governments are responding by increasing funding and expanding access to substance abuse treatment including medication-assisted treatment (MAT). In April the Biden administration eased restrictions on prescribing Buprenorphine, a key drug used in the treatment of opioid addiction. In May of 2017 California launched the MAT Expansion Project which aims to increase access to medication assisted treatment, reduce unmet treatment needs, and reduce opioid overdose deaths through prevention and treatment. California also launched the Naloxone Distribution Project in October 2018 which aims to reduce opioid overdose deaths by providing free naloxone, a drug that can reverse the fatal effects of opioid overdose. Naloxone can be delivered by laypeople in the form of a nasal spray and under the program, applicants can have the drug shipped directly to their homes. As of April 2021, the program had distributed more than 600,000 units of naloxone and more than 31,000 opioid overdose reversals have been reported.

While these programs have clearly been victories for California residents, the deeper work of addressing the root causes of addiction is being undertaken by addiction treatment centers like Muse in Los Angeles. Muse offers medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction as well as specialized dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. Effective addiction treatment requires exploring underlying causes which, for many people, include undiagnosed and untreated mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression and PTSD.

The full continuum of addiction treatment can be accessed at Muse depending on the individual needs of clients. This includes medical detox, inpatient residential treatment, outpatient treatment programs, aftercare, and sober living options.

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