Articles About All Types of Fashion Now Trending in London X City News Pieces

London X City is an online news publication that covers a variety of social and other interesting and trendy topics. Some of the categories of news that the site posts articles on include celebrity news, sports, money, weight loss, and movies. Recently though, several fashion articles took over the headlines of this online publication. These London X City news stories included more popular fashion articles such as ‘British Fashion Awards 2015: The Winners List In Full’ and ones that have nothing at all to do with clothing such as ‘Furniture Fashion: This Season’s Hottest Log Burning Stoves’.

The spokesperson for London X City, Karla, says, “Bringing people ordinary news about politics, disasters, and other world crisis is not what we at London X City are all about. Although we do post general news stories on our website from time to time, we tend to add new articles that get people’s minds off of the stressful happenings in the world we live in. We simply prefer to post more upbeat, fun, trendy, and informative articles a majority of the time. Such is the case with the string of fashion-themed articles that can now be viewed on our website.”

The article on the British Fashion Awards took a look back at the heated competition that was on display in the 2015 event. The article which was first published by Vogue noted that the battle for the awards took place between veteran and up-and-coming fashion designers which is what made it so interesting. It was brought up in the articles that the highlight of the night was popular Northern Ireland designer JW Anderson picking up not one but two awards. He had one each in the menswear and the womenswear categories. Something that has been a rare feat over the years. This article also mentioned other British fashion ward winners on the night being talented London designers Thomas Tait and Mary Katrantzou. As usual, it was a star-studded event that saw such celebrities as Georgia May Jagger, Kate Bosworth, Liv Tyler, Salma Hayek Pinault, Karlie Kloss, Kate Moss, Poppy Delevingne, and David and Victoria Beckham in attendance. All of the articles such as this one can be viewed on the London X City website which is found at

In the fashion article, ‘Furniture Fashion: This Season’s Hottest Log Burning Stoves’, it discussed some wood-burning stoves that could help accent the looks of and nicely heat a wide variety of rooms. According to the news piece, the clear winner among the 10 wood stoves listed was the Beaumont 6KW stove. A unit that not only looks great but is efficient and is made so it can easily be installed inside of a conventional fireplace. It was also mentioned in the article, that while it will fit most people’s decorative tastes, at £1,375 it most certainly will not fit in everyone’s budget. Other stoves that came in at the top of the list in this article originally published by ‘The Telegraph’ include the Aga Wren is 4.8 kW multi-fuel stove and the large size Charnwood Cove 2.

For those that are not into the latest fashions to wear but still feeling lonely, London X City has articles for them too. A good example of that is a recent article that talked about how to date responsibly during the ongoing pandemic. The title of this online news story is ‘Safe Dating During Global Epidemics’. It’s an article that acknowledges that it's ok for people to go on physical dates during the ongoing pandemic but they must do so using more caution than ever before. Those who read it will gain a better understanding of what they need to do when dating in London in the strange times that are happening today.

The spokesperson for London X City, Karla, said that they will continue to collect trendy, fun, relevant, and interesting news pieces from a variety of different sources and bring them to their site’s followers to help keep them entertained and informed.


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