Arrowhead Clinic in McDonough Shares Tips To Maximize A Car Accident Settlement

Arrowhead Clinic in McDonough, Georgia, has updated its blog with a new post. The blog post can be read here: Dr. Robbyn Keating, the leading chiropractor in McDonough, GA, shares some tips for victims and families to deal with a car accident and maximize a potential settlement. Dr. Keating emphasizes the importance of hiring the services of a personal injury attorney to “make sure everything gets paid for.” An experienced McDonough car accident lawyer can help victims in filing a personal injury claim and get the maximum compensation for damages.

The best McDonough car accident chiropractor is the right person to diagnose, evaluate, and treat hidden injuries at their source. This is essential to a complete recovery of the patient. Additionally, proper documentation of injuries and treatment will help maximize an injury settlement, states the McDonough, GA, doctor. In a previous press release, Arrowhead Clinic in McDonough explains who pays for a car accident chiropractor after an accident.

Having a personal injury attorney to file a personal injury claim is the best step forward to putting pressure on insurance companies to take the case seriously and give a fair settlement to the victim. Dr. Keating advises car accident victims in McDonough not to try to handle the aftermath of a car accident on their own because an insurance company is unwilling to pay fair compensation to the victim. To reduce the claim, they might send an adjuster to conduct a thorough investigation into the victim’s claim, states the McDonough car accident chiropractor. “The adjuster will look into your pre-existing medical conditions and examine your medical history to see if they can reduce what they might owe you. They might even hire investigators that will try to catch you doing things that could oppose the details of your personal injury claim,” warns Dr. Keating.

The top chiropractor advises victims not to discuss details of their accident with anyone except their doctor and injury lawyer nor post about it on social media. “Social media is the first place insurance adjusters will look to try to find damaging information,” notes the best car accident doctor in McDonough, Georgia. The McDonough accident doctor emphasizes the role of timely treatment and complete medical documentation in the full recovery and compensation of victims. The leading chiropractor in McDonough, GA, has been treating accident injury victims for years at Arrowhead Clinic. They enjoy a proven track record of successfully treating hundreds of patients suffering from neck pain, back pain, sciatica, whiplash, and migraines.

The doctors at Arrowhead Clinic are well-known for their chiropractic expertise in helping with the patient’s physical and financial recovery. They refer accident victims to the best personal injury attorneys in McDonough to help maximize their compensation and to take care of their accident damages and medical expenses. Victims of a car accident in McDonough should consult with the best chiropractors immediately. Arrowhead Clinic’s chiropractors are friendly, caring, and are available for a free consultation at 770-961-7246.


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