Arrowhead Clinic in Marietta Explains Crucial Steps To Take After Car Accidents

Arrowhead Clinic in Marietta, Georgia, has recently published a blog post explaining what crucial steps a victim should take after a car accident. It can be read here: The car accident chiropractor in Marietta suggests stopping at the scene to avoid the worst consequences if they choose to flee the accident scene. “Even if the accident wasn't your fault, you could face criminal charges for leaving the scene of an accident. In a civil case in Cobb County, jurors are more likely to distrust a hit-and-run driver and discount your story.”

The most important step to take after a car accident in Marietta is to find a safe spot and move the car out of the way of potential dangers or put the hazards on right away to warn oncoming drivers. The auto accident doctor in Marietta advises victims to check on others involved in the crash if they themselves are not seriously injured. Dr. Riley suggests calling 911 if someone requires immediate medical attention. Until the emergency team arrives at the accident scene, it is important to use road flares or road safety items.

The top Marietta car accident chiropractor emphasizes the importance of seeking medical treatment, “no matter how you feel after the accident.” Some hidden injuries take time to present themselves. “Concussions and whiplash are common even in car accidents that occur at speeds under 10mph.” Getting checked by a medical professional is the best way to diagnose hidden injuries or internal damage and get the documentation done right. The medical records prove that the injuries are real, and the victim deserves compensation for the pain and suffering when they file the claim for Marietta car accident treatment.

Dr. Riley advises calling the police immediately after the accident and get the police report from Georgia police that can be very useful at the time of filing the claim. The police will “speak to witnesses, take photos of the accident scene, and gather information about the wreck. Many insurance companies will also require a police report to file a claim for personal and property damage.” The car accident doctor in Marietta cautions against giving statements to first responders or insurance companies as saying too much about the accident can “jeopardize” the personal injury claim. The insurance company can “use your words against you,” warns Dr. Riley.

“There's a chance you could unintentionally say something that could damage your case, so all you should say is ‘no comment.’" The professional chiropractor in Marietta explains the need to hire the services of a personal injury attorney in Marietta to deal with insurance companies that often try to manipulate the victim’s words. “That's why you should always rely on a Marietta personal injury attorney to speak with the insurance adjusters.”

Dr. Riley cautions car accident victims against “saying you're sorry,” which could be misinterpreted as admitting guilt. “A statement can damage your settlement, and an apology can be construed as an admission of liability. Instead of saying sorry, ask if there's any way you can help them, or just don't say anything at all.” The Marietta car accident doctor suggests exchanging information with everyone involved in the accident as well as eyewitnesses, taking photos and videos of the accident scene, and requesting anyone who has taken pictures to share them. In a recent press release, the Marietta Car Accident Chiropractor Identifies Most Dangerous Intersections in Marietta, Ga.

Hire a Marietta car accident attorney to launch their investigation and start collecting evidence to back up the victim’s claim. An experienced personal injury lawyer knows how to communicate with insurance companies and handle all negotiations on behalf of the victim. Arrowhead Clinic is the #1 car accident treatment chiropractic clinic in Marietta, providing a one-stop medical care solution for accident victims. Car accident chiropractors at Arrowhead Clinic in Marietta understand the importance of in-depth medical documentation in an accident claim case.

The top chiropractic clinic can refer victims to an experienced car accident lawyer to handle their personal injury claims. Any victim of a car accident should schedule a free consultation with the leading chiropractic clinic in Marietta for effective, non-invasive treatments for injuries. Arrowhead Clinic's doctors have been serving car accident victims for over 40 years and provide assistance in getting the best compensation claims. Call 770-961-7246 to schedule a free consultation today.


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