Arrowhead Clinic in Athens, Ga Explains How To Treat Whiplash Injuries

Arrowhead Clinic in Athens, Georgia, has recently shared a blog post explaining how to treat whiplash injuries that occur in a car accident. You can read it here: Whiplash is a common injury in a rear-end collision, states the blog post, adding that the top Athens whiplash injury chiropractors at Arrowhead Clinic have the experience to treat the condition.

“When your neck suddenly stops, jerks, or turns due to an impact or a collision, the result could be a strain to the neck. The sudden force applied on the neck and head can result in stretches, tears, and injuries to the muscles and tendons in your neck.”

The blog post identifies common symptoms of whiplash, which is an excruciating injury, warning that symptoms do not always appear immediately due to an adrenaline rush that could mask pain. The top chiropractic care clinic warns that the pain can remain silent for hours or even days after an accident, urging car accident victims to seek medical help right away even if they feel fine. In a previous press release, our Athens Whiplash Injury Chiropractor Warns Against Delaying Medical Treatment.

The blog post lists a few home remedies for pain relief from whiplash, identifying 24-48 hours of rest as crucial to recovery from an injury. However, “too much rest will likely delay your recovery.” Additionally, the Athens Whiplash Injury Doctor suggests heat or cold compressions on the neck for 15 minutes every three hours to relieve pain. Arrowhead Clinic cautions against abusing over-the-counter pain relievers as these are short-term options for pain relief that mask the symptoms without treating the issue.

The best chiropractor in Athens may advise a few physical stretches to restore the range of motion and help the victim return to normal activities. Top Athens whiplash injury doctors use different techniques to identify misaligned neck joints and help ease the pain of whiplash. The goal is to treat the problem at its core and position misaligned joints into their proper place. An Athens chiropractor may apply swift, gentle thrusts or a slow mobilizing movement, depending on the type of injury and pain.

Some victims also suffer from a herniated or bulging disc from whiplash injuries, and the best chiropractor will use the flexion-distraction technique to ease herniated discs. Whiplash treatment at the best chiropractic clinic may also include soft tissue therapies to restore proper muscle function. Therapeutic massage is another popular soft tissue therapy to relieve muscle tension. The best Athens car accident doctors may suggest stretch-and-resist techniques to provide pain relief for whiplash injury victims.

A victim of an auto accident in Athens, GA, should seek the best doctors to treat whiplash injury. Arrowhead Clinic in Athens boasts a team of top whiplash chiropractors who focus on examining the underlying cause of whiplash and treating it at the source.

Victims of car accidents should schedule a free consultation with the top chiropractors in Athens, GA, at Arrowhead Clinic to treat their injuries and pain.


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