ARMSREACH Leverages SEC Reform: Offering An Active Reputation Marketing System For Financial Advisors

Armsreach, an active reputation management system, says that according to a new, modernized marketing rule adopted by the SEC, financial advisors are now allowed to use testimonials. The company says that this move will enable financial advisors to build reputation and trust through social proof.

The Securities and Exchange Commission finalized reforms under the Investment Advisors Act to modernize rules that govern investment advisor advertisements and payments to solicitors. The final rule is designed to comprehensively and efficiently regulate investment advisors’ marketing communications. In the decades since the adoption of the current rules, advertising and referral practices have evolved. The technology used for communications has advanced, the expectations of investors seeking advisory services have changed, and the profiles of the investment advisory industry have diversified. The new marketing rule recognizes these changes and the Commission’s experience administering the current rules. The reforms will allow advisors to provide investors with useful information as they choose among investment advisors and advisory services, subject to conditions that are reasonably designed to prevent fraud. The change in rules can be read in its entirety at

The amendments to Rule 206(4)-1 will replace the broadly drawn limitations and prescriptive or duplicative elements in the current rules with more principles-based provisions. The amended definition of “advertisement” contains two prongs: one that captures communications traditionally covered by the advertising rule and another that governs solicitation activities previously covered by the cash solicitation rule. Advertisements must clearly and prominently disclose whether the person giving the testimonial or endorsement (the “promoter”) is a client and whether the promoter is compensated. Additional disclosures are required regarding compensation and conflicts of interest. An advisor that uses testimonials or endorsements in an advertisement must oversee compliance with the marketing rule. The rule prohibits certain “bad actors” from acting as promoters, subject to exceptions where other disqualification provisions apply.

Armsreach is offering its multi-channel client acquisition & reputation strategy to financial advisors. The company claims to enable financial advisors to collect high intent leads and booked appointments. The company says that it provides a strategic system of done-for-you services that work together to build an advisor’s reputation and get enough leads to book their calendar. The company’s fully-managed marketing strategies for financial advisors help attract their ideal prospects, monetize their reputations, and give the advisors the time and freedom to focus on their clients. More details about the service can be accessed on its website at

The unique features of the Armsreach program are an in-depth analysis of the client’s company and its customers, customized prospecting strategies, qualified lead lists, and continuous testing and optimizations. Armsreach says that they first begin with a deep discovery of the client, their practice, their customers, and their specialty or niche. Then they build a multi-channel prospecting strategy that is tailored to the client’s needs. The next step is to build contact lists of ideal prospects who have expressed an interest in what the client has to offer. Finally, the company claims to use a results-driven approach that includes testing everything and optimizing the prospecting so that it's scalable and constantly improving.

Joseph Crawford, Founder of the company, says, “We believe that in order for client acquisition to work, in financial services, your future clients need to feel the human element. There needs to be ongoing follow up and direct contact by someone on your team to engage and influence your prospect instead of the funnels that digitally herd the prospects like blind sheep into a sales page. You want leads that turn into sales and to do that, we build a customized system that'll bring more of your ideal prospects into your agency. Now, with the changes in the SEC ruling, we can better serve our clients by highlighting the relevant testimonials to build trust with their prospective clients. We reveal some of our strategies in the free ebook that can be found at”


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