Arbogast Tree and Stump Becomes the Newest Member of the TreeCareHQ Directory

TreeCareHQ is always looking to add new names to their directory of the top tree care service providers in the nation but they do not just accept any tree services provider. They look at certain aspects of tree care services that will make it comfortable for them to recommend to consumers. When they took a closer look at the reputation that Arbogast Tree and Stump has established in the Richmond, Virginia area, it did not take them long to give this tree care provider a big thumbs up. This company has a long history of doing excellent work and providing well-above-average customer care. TreeCareHQ openly welcomes them as the newest member of their reputable directory.

Arbogast Tree and Stump’s spokesperson says, “As a dedicated tree care provider in the Richmond area, we have worked very hard to build up our clientele. The one thing that we have noticed, is that despite our service being so highly rated, we were not growing as fast as we would like. This led us to look for something that could help take our company to an even higher level. We feel we have found the perfect fit for that with the TreeCareHQ. Our company is confident with our listing in their directory and the other services that they offer, this will help bring us even more business.”

Arbogast Tree And Stump on TreeCareHQ

TreeCareHQ’s Bradley Benner says, “We are always excited to bring a new member company on board, especially one as highly credentialed as Arbogast Tree and Stump. Companies like them make it easy to perform the service that we do. That’s because, for us, it’s such a joy to be able to recommend a tree care service like Arbogast Tree and Stump that we have 100% confidence in them being the best in their area at what they do. We see many benefits coming for both parties in this newly created association.”

Benner went on to discuss what TreeCareHQ is all about. He started by saying that just about every landowner has trees to be taken care of and plenty of options around them for getting that type of work done. The problem being is that every tree care company may not be proficient at doing that type of work or they cannot be depended on to do the service promptly. This is where the services that TreeCareHQ offers come into play. Benner added that a property owner simply has to fill in a few bits of information on their website; including their location, type of tree work needed, and their contact information, to get the process started. Once TreeCareHQ receives this information, they will then match up this requested service with three of their directory listed tree care providers and ask those providers to give a quote. He says then the service requesting property owner has three competitive estimates to choose from that are from three tree care providers that they know will do a good job. Among the services that property owners can request from those listed in the TreeCareHQ directory are tree removal, tree trimming & pruning, stump grinding, land clearing, storm cleanup, snow removal, and emergency tree service.

Benner also pointed out that this gives their directory listed tree care providers some nice benefits that will drive more business their way. This is because they give them all of the tools that they need to significantly increase their web presence. Among these tools is TreeCareHQ’s proprietary automated conversation and lead management technology, guaranteed Google My Business ranking, and access to their exclusive contractor leads service.

According to Benner, there are several reasons why they were happy to welcome Arbogast Tree and Stump into their directory. For one, they are considered to be among the best in their area at doing tree removal, tree trimming, and tree pruning. They also have all of the equipment needed to grind stumps and handle any type of tree emergency that comes their way. In short, he says they are just well-rounded tree professionals that are reviewed very favorably by those that have used their services. This company’s new listing in the TreeCareHQ Directory can be seen here at


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