Apex Environmental Provides Wasp Control Services In Leeds

UK based Apex Environmental Leeds is pleased to announce that they are offering professional wasp control services to residents of Leeds and the surrounding areas. Apex Environmental is dedicated to protecting their clients’ properties from all kinds of pesky and harmful pests.

Wasps start to appear when queen wasps come out from their hibernation, as noted on the company’s website. This occurs when temperatures rise during the warmer months, which are usually between May and October in the UK. During this period, queen wasps begin their search for a place to build their nest. Once a suitable location has been found, they begin laying their larvae to give birth to worker wasps. These worker wasps are responsible for the task of searching for and securing nest-building material and food. They also take care of the wasp grubs. Wasp nests are built from chewed wood and saliva, and they are known for being durable, lightweight and waterproof.

Once the latter part of July arrives, wasp activities become more noticeable, and buzzing can be heard by those who have wasp nests near their property. Wasp nests come in various sizes. On average, they contain around 2,000 to 5,000 wasps, while the larger ones have up to 20,000 members. These nests will also continue to grow in size. A homeowner may have multiple wasp nests on their property, but they usually only notice the largest and most dominant nest. One of the most obvious signs of wasp nests that people can look for is a large number of wasps in and around their property. Wasp nests do not always have to be destroyed, but wasps can be troublesome and be a threat to human health. When this happens, steps have to be taken to control them. This is where Apex Environmental Leeds comes in.

Dealing with wasp nests can be quite a dangerous task. The wasps that reside in their nests become very aggressive when they are threatened. They usually respond to wasp nest treatment attempts by stinging the person that they perceive to be intruding on their territory. Wasps do not die after just one sting, such as the case is with bees, and they can sting people multiple times. Due to the potential dangers associated with wasp nest treatments, this task should be left to professionals like those at Apex Environmental.

When Apex Environmental handles wasps and wasp nests, they do not remove the wasp nests, as exterminated nests will not be reinhabited by wasps. Instead, they choose to apply professional insecticides with the use of discretion and the proper tools. Their equipment, knowledge and experience allow them to reach and treat wasp nests in all sorts of locations. The specific treatments that they administer may vary for each individual situation, but they always make sure to leave their clients with ‘advice sheets.’ These sheets offer insight on the wasp treatment administered, such as chemicals used, safety precautions and more.

Apex Environmental does not only provide wasp control services. They can also deal with rats, mice, moles, pigeons, bed bugs and so on. Customers have said great things about the services that Apex Environmental provides.

Spencer Johnson says in a 5-Star Google review, “I called Apex Environmental after we started waking up with red bumps on us in the morning. We suspected bed bugs and quickly found out that bed bugs were the issue. Tom from Apex Environmental in Leeds came out straightaway to inspect and find the bed bug problem, and set to work doing the bed bug treatment. I highly recommend them as a pest control company — professional and on time. He answered all our questions and gave fantastic service getting rid of the bugs. Thank you!”

Naomi Francis states in another 5-Star Google review, “I called a few pest control companies about what I thought was a squirrel problem in our loft. Apex was the only company who actually asked why I thought it was squirrels and, based on my description, advised it was more likely rats. This proactiveness is why I chose Apex, and I wasn't disappointed. He found the entry point and treated it accordingly. We haven't had rats since. Highly recommended.”


Leeds homeowners who are looking for a professional pest control service provider may check out the Apex Environmental’s website for more details. They may also contact Tom Johnson of Apex Environmental Leeds to discuss their situation in greater detail.


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