Apex Environmental Leeds Offers Professional Pest Control Services

UK-based Apex Environmental Leeds is pleased to announce that they can professionally eradicate pests in the Leeds and West Yorkshire areas. Apex Environmental Leeds provides specialist pest management and bird proofing services for both commercial and residential properties.

As noted on the company’s website, the pest management specialists at Apex Environmental Leeds are certified, skilled and experienced at their work. They have over 35 years of combined knowledge and are registered at the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS). They are also proud members of the National Pest Technicians Association. In addition, Apex Environmental Leeds asserts that they offer pest management services that are not only professional but also friendly.

Apex Environmental Leeds assures their clients that the methods they use will not only be effective, but also humane. They also do their best to be as friendly to the environment as possible and use pesticides only when their usage is absolutely necessary. Leeds is a densely populated area, and Apex Environmental Leeds understands the importance of providing quick and responsive service to ensure that infestations are controlled before they spread to other premises and deal further damage.

Rodents are pests that thrive in urban habitats that can provide them shelter such as Pudsey, Kirkstall and Hunslet. They are omnivorous and devour anything they can. They may eat the contents of compost bins, the garbage in rubbish bins, discarded left-overs and even food intended for people if they are able to find them. It is important to deal with rodents quickly, and the most efficient way for doing so is targeted and professional rodent pest control services.

Property owners can detect that they have rats in their establishments by looking for certain signs and keeping certain details in mind. Rats are usually much more active during night time, for instance (although they can also be seen during the day). However, these creatures also do not have good vision, and so they follow the same routes (which are usually the paths close to walls or against fences as these paths are usually clearly visible as trails). People can look for smear marks as the fur of rats is usually oily and leaves smears on the routes along which they regularly run. Rat tail swipes and footprints can also be found on surfaces, and noises can usually be heard within building cavities or in loft spaces. Furthermore, rats may also choose to burrow, which leaves holes that can be seen in grass banks, shed, around compost bins and around inspection chambers.

Apex Environmental Leeds recommends that local residents fix any external structural faults in their buildings. These external faults include gaps beneath external doors, holes surrounding pipes and damaged air vents. Gaps beneath external doors can be fixed by attaching draught excluding brush and bristle strips to doors or renewing and raising the thresholds. Holes surrounding pipes can be blocked using wire wool and then filled using expanding foam or cement. Moreover, damaged air vents can be easily replaced, repaired or covered. People must take note that vents must not be blocked entirely and so must be covered using fine mesh.

Mice are another type of rodents that are also common pests. People can detect mice in their premises by looking for certain signs, such as mice droppings that look like small black grains of rice. These droppings are very common because a single mouse can produce up to 80 droppings. People may also look for damaged food packaging as mice love to gnaw on food packaging. Another sign that they can find is the presence of nests which are gnawed materials that have been collected and made into a ball. Mice also give off a unique smell in areas where they are grouped in large numbers. Aside from that, they also make noises in hollow areas, such as lofts and wall cavities, and they also leave black greasy marks on surfaces and objects that they run over often.


Those experiencing problems with a pest infestation may call Apex Environmental Leeds for professional assistance. In addition to rodents, mice and rats, they also offer pest control services for other types of pests, such as bed bugs, wasps, cockroaches, pigeons and more. Clients can learn more about Apex Environmental Leeds and their wide range of services by heading over to the company website.


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