AP Precision Metals Provides Metal Fabrication In San Diego

AP Precision Metals Inc., a San Diego based custom metal fabrication company, would like to make local entities aware of their services. The company has been processing metal sheets for years in the San Diego area and has come to be known for the high quality of their products.

Custom sheet metal fabrication involves taking thinly pressed sheets of metal and cutting, bending, punching and coating them for use in a specific design or function. This process has been used for decades for a wide range of applications. Common items made with sheet metal include fencing, furniture and factory equipment. It is one of the most versatile manufacturing options, and a large number of industries make use of the process.

“There are an endless number of sheet metal materials on the market today,” says AP Precision Metals. “A custom sheet metal fabricator can suggest the appropriate material for your job by looking at factors that include water exposure, expected daily wear, aesthetic needs and application-specific factors. A great metal fabrication firm is well-versed on the full range of materials and can procure materials at a better rate due to their ongoing relationships with local suppliers. If you’re unsure of what kind of sheet metal your design calls for, start by listing out some of your project’s needs, and the fabricator can help make a recommendation.”

The company places a great emphasis on quality. AP Precision Metals combines a deep knowledge of materials with technically advanced production skills in order to come up with a superior product. While sheet metal fabrication is an incredibly ancient art, modern fabricators use laser cutting and CNC machinery to create highly detailed and accurate parts. Modern technology also allows for the execution of large scale orders with a low waste ratio. AP Precision also uses traditional tools where necessary to produce detailed work.

There are many materials available on the market today, with the two most popular being stainless steel and aluminum. AP Precision works with many different types of materials and manages to maintain a high standard of work regardless of what material they are working with.

AP Precision Metals was founded in 1998 by Lane Litke and Victor Miller. The two saw the need for reliable metal products for their growing robotics company, Arc Products. Due to their focus on quality and reliability, AP Precision Metals has dramatically expanded their customer base. “Today, we still retain our founding principle: to be a stable, long-term, precision metal fabricator for small-and-medium-sized businesses in the region,” the company says. “Many of our employees have been with us since the very beginning. A generous profit sharing model and a focus on regular training has allowed us to take many employees from unskilled labor to high-paid technicians. We take pride in the customers we serve and just as much pride in the health and success of our team and their families."

A number of clients have left great reviews on many platforms. One client, Jeffrey, says, “AP Precision has been one of our most reliable manufacturers, and we would recommend them to anyone. We have been working with AP for about a year now and we have nothing but great things to say. Compared to other shops we have worked with, they have beat them all on customer service, quality, delivery time and price. We will continue using them for all our metal stamping.”

Another client, Mark, says, “I am a homeowner and had a job making some stainless sheet metal parts for a custom BBQ. The guys at AP Precision responded quickly, were great to work with and helped in the design details. The parts came out exactly the way I wanted. They were a great company to work with, and they really know how to treat customers well, large or small.”

Find out more about metal fabrication on AP Precision Metals’ website. The company provides high quality metal products and is always looking for ways to innovate and improve, and one can rest assured they will receive quality products from AP Precision Metals Inc. More information is available here: Metal Fabrication San Diego.


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