AP Precision Metals Inc. Offers Services for Those Looking for Sheet Metal Fabricators Near Me

AP Precision Metals Inc., a company based in San Diego, CA, wants those in the metal fabrication industry to know that they have an experienced team who have worked with all sizes and shapes and are ready to offer a free estimate for any sheet metal fabrication job. They can offer their services for various kinds of projects, such as: welding, including gas tungsten arc, gas metal arc, and more; laser cutting; CNC cutting, forming, and punching; metal fastening methods; metal finishing; sheet metal and plate cutting; titanium cutting; copper cutting; and brass cutting.

A spokesperson for AP Precision Metals says, “If you have found yourself searching for ‘sheet metal fabricators near me', we at AP Precision Metals are here to help! We have over 20 years of experience with sheet metal fabrication in San Diego and have some of the most cutting edge machines in the industry to ensure your fabrication job is the highest quality possible. We are proud to serve clients in a variety of different industries like robotics, engineering, electronics, aerospace, architectural, and design. We would love to talk to you about your sheet metal fabrication needs and see if our services and your needs are a good fit.”

AP Precision Metals has several years of experience with regards to sheet metal fabrication for companies in San Diego, including national companies. Sheet metal fabrication is the manufacturing process by which thin sheets of processed metal are modified to convert them into various construction components of the home or building or other products, such as the housing for the desktop PC. Sheet metal is used in a wide range of products because it is durable, strong, corrosion resistant, and very versatile. In fact, AP Precision Metals has experienced creating such products for a broad range of industries, including: computing, robotics, architectural, military, civil engineering, biotech, power generation, consumer goods, water filtration, luxury goods, and lighting.

Using CAD/CNC methods, they are able to cut sheet metal into complex designs. They utilize various kinds of high tech machinery in their daily fabrication of sheet metal: fiber-laser cutter; the CNC press brake; and turret punch. To ensure the quality of their work, they only employ certified welders who work closely with their engineers to make sure that the sheet metal products are welded properly and comply with industry standards. They also have in-house powder coating facilities, which means that each project they undertake will go from design to completion without the need to ship to a subcontractor to do certain processes.

The company spokesperson wants to emphasize that their approach to sheet metal production is to maintain their production level under 30 percent of their maximum capacity. This provides them with the ability to accept special projects, expedite prototypes, or accommodate requests for significant production increases. This approach has enabled them to be a stable supplier for their clients, even when there are fluctuations in the economy.

Furthermore, their San Diego facility has a quarantined, on-site storage area to offer a safe place for parts that are awaiting shipment. They utilize the KANBAN production system for products with critical lead times, helping them to remain ahead of their customer’s needs. This enables them to deliver a large volume of products to customers in just a short time when the latter are experiencing a spike in their business.

The KANBAN system allows them to operate more efficiently and offers savings that they can pass on to their customers. They make use of the LEAN Manufacturing principles to ensure quality while allowing for the reduction of costs. They also want to point out that having cutting edge technology ensures that they are able to comply with wall of their customers’ needs with products that comply with emerging industry standards.

Those who are interested in finding sheet metal fabricators near their business location may want to check out the AP Precision Metals Inc. website, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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