AP Precision Metals Explains How Contract Manufacturing Companies in San Diego Operate

AP Precision Metals Inc., a company based in San Diego, CA, has explained how contract manufacturing companies operate. With contract manufacturing, there is an outsourcing agreement with another manufacturing firm for the production of certain parts and products, which in turn are required for manufacturing processes or services to complete a certain product. AP Precision was established in 1998 to serve the contract manufacturing needs for metal products of their robotics company. After 23 years, the company has evolved into one that offers a range of contract manufacturing services in San Diego.

AP Precision Metals offers long-term, stable, precision metal fabrication for companies of all shapes and sizes throughout Southern California. They are capable of providing a flexible production mode whatever the size of the client project because they can handle rapid production increases, including expedited prototypes. They can provide: precision metal fabrication, plate cutting services, laser cutting systems, welding services, powder coating, brass cutting, and copper cutting.

The precision metal fabrication process that they provide can be used for making very specific parts used in various industries, such as: computing, architectural, bio-medical, robotics, power generation, military, and consumer and luxury goods. The process involves the cutting, bending, and the production of very precise pieces of metal using various kinds of machines and techniques, including powder coating, welding, and CNC press breaks.

Plate cutting is use to transform the plate or sheet of metal into the required shape for a particular project. While this was traditionally a very manual process, CNC technology now allows the creation of cleaner and more accurate shapes.

Meanwhile, laser cutting is used for making very precise cuts using a wide range of materials. It is ideal for the production of unique and creative gifts. AP Precision specializes in the laser cutting of: aluminum, copper, brass, steel, and stainless steel.

AP Precision also has several years of experience in designing and welding a wide range of custom products for top US welding companies. Some of the welding techniques they use are gas tungsten arc welding (TIG), gas metal arc welding (MIG), and shielded metal arc welding (SMAW, Stick). TIG welding provides a deeply penetrative and precise weld, thus offering a clean and versatile weld. MIG welding provides a strong, fast, and efficient welding technique that is widely used in a broad range of products, ranging from bicycle frames and gates to furniture, and more. SMAW welding is a versatile welding technique for all steel positions, whether large or small.

Meanwhile, powder coating is a more efficient and much faster process, compared to traditional paint. This is done by applying dry powder to a metal surface by electrostatic means, which is then baked in an oven, resulting in a much tougher and thicker coat compared to conventional paint. AP Precision has perfected the method of doing powder coating in-house and closely works with clients to ensure the appropriate texture and color for a particular project.

They can also perform brass cutting for a broad range of applications. This may be used in instrument making because many musical instruments are made of brass in order to create a particular acoustic sound. It may also be used in interior design because brass and brass alloys can provide the needed aesthetic addition to furniture and home interiors. And finally, brass pieces are sometimes needed in order to restore damaged or lost features of vintage pieces. They utilize various cutting methods, such as non-ferrous rotary brass cutting, brass cutting for rod and tube, and brass laser cutting.

They can also provide copper cutting services, which is utilized for a broad range of applications, including small and detailed work often used for jewelry design and the production of electronic components, as well as for architectural components, such as piping or handrails.

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