Anthony Pellegrino Releases Video On What Biden's New Stimulus Plan Means For Americans

Financial expert Anthony Pellegrino with Goldstone Financial Group in Oakbrook Terrace, IL was the focus of a Fox 32 News video recently. The video was created to better explain President Joe Biden’s new stimulus package and what these payouts could mean for the average American. A third round of stimulus checks is set to begin disbursing later this month as part of the new economic relief package. Pellegrino offered his expert advice to Fox 32 News on how people can use this new stimulus to better prepare for their futures.

Pelligrino says in the video, “If there were ever a year to take advantage of tax loss harvesting, 2020 is that year. When you have a year with massive drops that we saw in February and March followed by a substantial recovery in that same year, the opportunity is created to sell your losing funds to create losses to help offset capital gains. There is still time in the 2020 tax year to take advantage prior to the end of the year, especially with the likely rising taxes coming in 2021 to offset rising debt.”

Pelligrino regularly provides financial advice for consumers via Goldstone Financial Group. To keep up with the latest Goldstone Financial Group updates, consumers can visit the company online. Goldstone Financial Group offers a number of services that are designed to help people with their retirement and other financial aspects of their futures.

Pelligrino states that there is no better time than now to think about new ways to plan for the future. New approaches to finances give consumers a number of ways to save and prepare for hardships as well as general retirement. In the video, Pelligrino offers some insights into how 2020 likely wreaked havoc on some consumers’ lives and how those and others can better approach their financial state for 2021 and the years to follow.

Pelligrino adds that Goldstone Financial Group, “Believes that a financial future is much too important to leave to mere chance. Rather than approach the topic of finances with an outdated, transactional approach focused on particular products, Goldstone Financial Group serves as a comprehensive financial solutions provider. We focus on forging a deeper relationship and creating a strategy that can be adjusted as needed to help consumers to reach their goals.”

He states that the new stimulus package, which is set to deliver at least $1,400 to per qualified american, and more if they are married and/or have children living at home, can be put to good use if consumers stop to consider their financial futures as opposed to living in the moment. He adds that it makes sense that some consumers will need these funds in order to meet their current financial responsibilities but he says that even a small portion of that money could be put to use in some form of retirement structure, which can only help those consumers to be better prepared for the future, which is particularly important he says if the economy does not pick up substantially over the next year or so.

Pelligrino says that his company is committed to standing by the sides of their partners and helping them to achieve the specific yet unique results that they desire. Throughout his many years in the financial advice industry, he has assisted many clients in preparing for their retirement by bridging the paycheck gap. Goldstone Financial Group offers clients a variety of financial services that make it easier for them to prepare for their financial futures. Pelligrino adds that that the company, “Views it as our responsibility to thoroughly understand your goals and dreams so that we can leverage our experience and knowledge to help you achieve them.”

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