Ant-Ser Pest Control of Bradenton Florida Provides Information on Choosing Pest Control Services

Ant-Ser Pest Control of Bradenton Florida publishes information regarding best practices and consumer information regarding purchasing pest control services. Following the state of Florida Department of Agriculture Consumer services recommendations regarding purchasing pest control services, Ant-Ser Pest Control Services highlights reminders that homeowners and businesses should keep in mind when hiring a Pest Control Service.

Jeff Ahrens, owner of Ant-Ser Pest Control Services notes: “There is a very big difference in service between large commercial companies and small pest control companies. As the guide points out, with larger firms will have more personnel to carry out different work. Employees may also perform specific pest control duties such as general household, lawn and ornamental or pest control for termites. The homeowner is not aware of the experience level or skill level of the employee that is carrying out the work. Honestly, the homeowner is at the mercy of the large firm for training the employee to carry out the prescribed work. With smaller companies, like Ant-Ser Pest Control the person doing the actually work may be carrying the license or even have personally been professionally trained specifically for the prescribed job. The actual certified pest control operator can be performing the actual work. This is a win for the homeowner, especially when compared to large firms.”

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The reference guide from the state of Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services notes that shopping around for the best service at a reasonable prices is critical. An additional tip is making sure the pest control operator shows evidence of the infestation. Another point that Ant-Ser Pest Control highlights on its website is to get opinions from more than one source. Mr. Ahrens, continues: “Salespersons don’t do the actual work. Make sure you ask the salesperson to explain the contract, warranty and service completely. Another important point is checking the Better Business Bureau and online reviews to determine if the company handles complaints promptly and fairly. Ant-Ser will always take care of the customer’s needs specifically and address then head on.”

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Ant-Ser Pest Control Inc. has been in business for 29 years. In a business that is dominated by large corporations with generic service and poor customer service, Ant-Ser Pest Control Inc. has emerged as a popular choice on the Sun Coast of Florida for residential and commercial clients. Mr. Ahrens notes, “What really separates us from general pest control services is our customer service. When Ant-Ser comes to your home or business, you have a certified Entomologist looking into your specific problem. We make sure our clients are satisfied with our service and we provide education to help the client understand and prevent the problem.”

Ant-Ser Pest Control Inc. has served Bradenton and Sarasota Florida area for 29 years. The company provides all types of professional pest control services including rodent removal and bed bug extermination. Certified Entolomologist and local owner provides inspection, extermination and maintenance services for residential and commercial clients. Contact “The Ant-Ser Man” at 941-877-0329 or visit the website at


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