Annapolis Roofing Company Announces Roof and Inspection Services Expansion

Winfield Roofing Company, a local roofing installation and repair company in Annapolis, Maryland, has recently opened their new branch in the Annapolis area. The company decided to do so because they have several clients in the area and upon research, they believed the area to be lacking enough reputable roofing companies to keep up with the demand for services in the area.

More information about the new office opening can be found on the company website here:

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With the high frequency of storms in the Annapolis area there is often a high volume of calls from homeowners for roof inspections and other roofing services. Even though roofs are designed to withstand the elements, heavy storms can cause damage that can't be seen from the ground by homeowners. It is important to have a thorough roof inspection to avoid more expensive burdens that may be right around the corner due to undetected damage that's allowed to linger.

In many instances, filing an insurance claim may be time sensitive. Some homeowners are not aware there is a time frame they have to file a claim after a major storm with their insurance company concerning damage that resulted from a storm. Winfield Roofing Company of Annapolis recognizes this need for awareness and service in the Annapolis area. The company looks to fill the void with their 21 Point Storm Damage Protection service.

Company representative, Zach Dickie, was quoted as saying, “We are providing a free 21 point storm damage protection wherein we aim at understanding the houses that are in need of care services. Our work so far have brought us tremendous accolades and we hope to better it even more.”

The company has further expansion plans and are determined to continue delivering top quality service to Annapolis, Maryland and the surrounding area. According to the company website, they make it a point to ensure that every single detail is taken seriously to get the job done right the first time.

Winfield Roofing Company has been serving the Anne Arundel County since 1979. They are a local, family owned, licensed and insured roofing company that has managed to become a top choice for many homeowners looking for roofing services. Based on the company’s reviews, Winfield Roofing Company has managed to stand the test of time. They have built a good reputation for offering quality-roofing services and great customer service.

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Company representative, Zach Dickie, stated, "Our reputation is immensely important to us. We are not one of those companies that will be here today but gone tomorrow. Being reliable roofing contractors that homeowners in Annapolis can turn to and have peace of mind is an ultimate goal."

Winfield Roofing Company of Annapolis specialize as a residential home improvement and storm restoration contractor. They are located at 918 Chesapeake Ave, Annapolis, MD 21403. Those interested in learning more about their services or to speak with a representative should call customer service at (443) 318-1072.


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Winfield Roofing Company of Annapolis
Winfield Roofing Company of Annapolis
918 Chesapeake Ave, Annapolis, MD 21403