Angell Law Firm Sheds Light On Most Common Causes Of Car Accidents

The Angell Law Firm, LLC, a firm based in Atlanta, GA, is reaching out to the general public to share insight on the most common causes of car accidents. Their most recent step in this endeavor was to publish a blog post that explores the subject in greater detail. Learn more about the Angell Law Firm car accident lawyers on their website.

According to the post, car accidents occur quite commonly in the United States, usually due to human error. Most accidents are relatively minor but some are fatal, as car crashes still cause thousands of deaths every year. Everyone who drives is at risk of getting involved in an accident, and that is why drivers must always drive carefully and obey traffic laws. However, one cannot be sure that other drivers will drive safely as well, and some factors that cause accidents are not related to human error. This is why it is important for drivers to know the most common causes of car accidents so that they may keep an eye out for them and be able to protect themselves in a worst-case scenario. In the event that a driver does get into a car accident, they will also need legal representation. For more information on what type of attorney handles car accidents, drivers and other interested parties are encouraged to contact The Angell Law Firm’s representatives.

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Distracted driving is, and has always been, one of the most common causes of car accidents. It has even become worse in recent years due to all all of the new ways that people can get distracted while they are behind the wheel. It has become far too common for drivers to use their phones while driving and not pay attention to the road in front of them, for instance. The problem is that most tend to think they cannot be harmed. In addition, the more people do not get into trouble while they are driving distractedly, the more the habit becomes entrenched in them. The Angell Law Firm advises drivers to pull over if they need to do something on their phone or otherwise shift their attention away from the road for any reason — instead of continuing to drive distracted.

Driving under influence also causes a lot of car accidents. However, many people still continue to drive after consuming alcohol, cocaine, heroin, prescription pills and other intoxicants. People should never drive after taking in any kind of impairing substance. Instead of driving under the influence, intoxicated people should call a family member, hire a taxi or look for a place to stay until they are able to drive again. Driving under the influence, the firm remarks, is gambling with one’s own life as well as others’.

Many car accidents are known to occur as a result of reckless driving. Most, if not all, drivers have been irritated while driving, possibly due to a traffic jam, another car taking an illegal U-turn or braking sharply and so on. However, no matter what happens, drivers must keep their composure. Reckless driving causes a large number of car crashes that can be avoided by staying calm.

Similarly, many drivers can attest to speeding at some point in their time on the road. It may have been done because they are running late for work or rushing to an appointment. No matter the reason, however, speeding must be avoided as it causes severe injuries (such as whiplash and concussions — and in some cases death). The faster a vehicle is moving, the less control its driver has over it. Drivers should obey limits not only to avoid getting a speeding ticket but also to protect themselves and the people around them.

All of these factors fall under human error, but there are others that contribute the country’s total number of car accidents each year. Weather conditions contribute greatly to whether car accidents occur or not, for instance. If the roads are slippery due to rain, snow or ice, the traction in vehicle's tires will be affected. Vehicles will slide off the road much more easily and in turn may hit other cars, objects or people. Other conditions such as fog, flooding and high winds can also cause car accidents.

It is also more common for car accidents to occur on roads that have been poorly maintained. Roads filled with potholes and debris can affect a driver’s ability to brake adequately and increases the risk of a popped tire. Additionally, vehicle defects increase the risk of a car going out of control in some manner.

Those who get involved in car accidents need to receive compensation for their injuries from insurance companies. However, insurance companies are looking out for their own interests. As a result, it should be noted that victims only get one shot to receive compensation, which is why they need legal representation. The Angell Law Firm helps their clients avoid the mistakes that many car accident victims make when seeking such settlements, and they will do everything in their power to make sure their clients receive the maximum compensation possible. In essence, they work hard to get the justice that their client deserves.

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