Anderson, IN Exterminators Offering Heat Treatments for Bed Bugs

A local exterminator company, Bed Bug Busters, is now offering heat treatments for invasive bed bugs in homes and businesses throughout Madison County, Indiana. This particular bug has made a serious comeback in the past two decades and not just in Indiana but all over the United States. While there are some things property owners can do to help the problem, it’s often impossible to get complete relief without an expert’s help.

It can be devastating to discover a bed bug in your home or business,” the owner said. “It probably wouldn’t be as bad if it was easy to get rid of them, but they’re one of the toughest pests to deal with. Luckily, professionals, like us, have the commercial-grade solutions you need to get that relief and our Anderson experts are standing by to help.”

Bed Bug treatments in Anderson IN

Bed bugs will hitchhike to get from place to place and can end up in a property in a variety of ways. For those that travel often, it’s advised to inspect the rooms upon arrival to ensure no bed bugs are present. Buying second-hand items and furniture is another way of potentially bringing these bugs inside a property. A simple quick inspection can help prevent such a situation.

We provide inspections before we start any treatments because it’s important to know just what we’re dealing with. The level of infestation will determine the next step. Our Anderson bed bug technicians know just where to look because we know all of the common hiding spots for these apple seed-sized pests. They’re not hard to detect if you know what to look for and where to look,” the owner added.

The owners also said that the size of the area needing to be treated will be taken into consideration when determining the best treatment option for bed bugs. Small spaces could easily benefit from either chemical or heat treatments, while larger spaces may require one or the other or a mixture of both. The technician will explain the best options for a property after they have fully inspected it.

Bed bugs hide in beds but they can also hide in any crevice or crack in nearby furniture, behind wall outlets, décor and trim and even carpets or curtains. Serious infestations are easier to spot because the bugs are literally everywhere. A minor problem typically is harder to notice unless actively looking for the bugs. Regardless, seeking expert help can save a person a lot of time and money in eliminating these little bugs.

Heat treatments are effective in that high heat will kill all stages of life, from eggs to adults. There are more steps that will need to be taken and we will discuss this with you so you can be prepared come time to start treatments. If you have questions we will happily answer them when you call or when we arrive to your property,” the owner added.

To schedule bed bug service with Bed Bug Busters in Anderson, Indiana they can be contacted by phone or their website. They encourage property owners to contact them right away if they believe bed bugs are present because the longer they go untreated, the worse the problem will become and in a short amount of time.


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