Anchorage Dentist Puts Patient Comfort at the Forefront of all Aspects of His Practice

The founder of Anchorage, Alaska-based Healthy Smiles Dental, Dr. Terry J. Preece, has always put a heavy emphasis on creating a comfortable dental environment for his patients. This includes everything from his patients' experience while sitting in the waiting room to while they are reclining in the dental chair getting treatments done. Dr. Preece does this because he wants his patients to know they are in for a calm and beneficial experience when they have an appointment with him, so they don’t put off getting their essential dental work done.

Dr. Preece says, “Let’s face it; based on dental practices from the past, some people would rather watch all of their teeth fall out instead of going to see their dentist. This is a shame because nowadays dentists have several different ways to keep their patients calm and minimize discomfort while getting their necessary dental treatments done. I take so much pride in keeping my patients’ discomfort to a minimum during treatment, that even children have no fear about coming back and getting more dental work done by me.”

The founding doctor said most people would be amazed at all the means dentists have at their disposal these days to help keep their patients comfortable while they are getting their dental work done. This goes well beyond just the super-effective topical anesthetics and the computerized anesthesia systems that he uses. He mentioned that in the treatment rooms the patient has the choice between listening to calming music or watching a movie on the TV. Even his dental chairs are equipped with massage features, comfort-enhancing neck pillows, and can be heated. The Anchorage dentist added that for those who simply cannot get over their fear of getting dental work done despite the calm environment that he has created at his clinic, they do offer the latest and best sedation dentistry services.

According to the doctor, making their patients comfortable goes beyond when they are getting their teeth worked on too. He says his office staff makes it a point to warmly greet every patient that walks through the door and they are the ultimate professionals’ when it comes to helping patients fill out paperwork, sign insurance forms, and get more information about the treatments they are about to receive. Even the waiting room is warm and inviting. The Dr. stated that the furniture in the waiting room has plush seating and the fireplace and decorations in it help to create a very peaceful and serene setting.

In addition to making his patients as comfortable as possible when they go to his clinic, Dr. Preece’s office also offers a wide variety of dental treatments. This includes such basic dentistry services as teeth cleaning and whitening to more complex treatments such as providing dental implants and fitting premium esthetic dentures. The clinic will even see patients on an emergency basis.

For proof that those at Healthy Smiles Dental go out of their way to make their patients comfortable, one has to look no further than the glowing reviews that can be found on their Google Maps Business Listing. Graycegrrl D writes, “Dr. Preece and his staff are awesome! I'm a real scaredy-cat when it comes to having my teeth worked on but they really made me feel like they truly cared about me and my comfort. Dr. Preece was gentle, caring, and never in a rush. They took excellent care of me and my teeth and I can say I am a patient for life! Thank you, Dr. Preece.” Diana Petersen stated, “Dr. Preece treats my family with much care. My children are very comfortable visiting his office. He is invested in our health and we wouldn’t go anywhere else.” Sai Duchanin says, “One of the very best dental experiences. I was treated with warmth and respect. Dr. Press explained everything in detail and both he and his assistant were professional and comforting. I felt like a person not ‘just another patient’.”

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