Anchorage Dentist Advises Community To Maintain Healthy Habits

Anchorage, AK based Healthy Smiles Dental is reaching out to remind their community not to ignore their dental health as the country waits for an end to the COVID-19 pandemic. With daily routines having been affected for so long, the practice is concerned that many may be risking their oral health by falling out of their previous cleaning habits.

“Before this crisis took hold,” says Dr. Terry J. Preece of Healthy Smiles Dental, “our daily routine was such that we often based many of our habits around our schedules. Whether this meant getting ready for school or work, lots of people were in the habit of showering, cleaning their teeth and so on right before they began their day in earnest. Today, many Americans are dealing with altogether different circumstances, perhaps pursuing an online education or trying to work from home. This drastic change might have led some to drop the healthy habits they had as well.”

For instance, the dentist points out that more people are likely to sleep in late past the time they may have been used to. Even if they are working the same job from home, the lack of a commute means that they can wake up later. While this may seem like a rather insignificant chance, Dr. Preece cautions the community against taking their cleaning regimen for granted. He observes that some might be tempted to delay or skip brushing their teeth (and other habits) in order to save time or because they think it will not matter as they do not have to interact with other people. Those reasons may be valid, he says, but that does not mean a person’s oral health can similarly afford to skip a day or more.

“Your schedule may have changed, but we urge you to consider how they affect your self-care routines,” he states. “Whether this involves getting as much exercise or making sure you clean your teeth properly at appropriate intervals as you did before this big change, you need to make sure you have been doing everything necessary to maintain your health.”

As an Anchorage dentist with nearly 40 years of experience providing comprehensive, full-care dentistry to his community, however, Dr. Preece understands that this may not be easy for everyone to do. Given the challenges many across the country have had to deal with over the past year, it is possible that oral health has not seemed as important by comparison.

In light of this, the practice is reaching out to everyone in their community who would like to consult with an expert in the field and ensure that their teeth are in the best possible condition, especially if they believe that they have been less than attentive to their dental health in recent times. In the event there is an issue with a patient’s teeth, however, Dr. Preece reassures his community that there is no need for alarm. Since his practice specializes in offering a variety of cosmetic and comprehensive dental services, patients may stop by to have their teeth cleaned, fixed or otherwise taken care of. Dr. Preece and his team assert that they will use all of their expertise and every tool in their state-of-the-art arsenal to ensure everyone who visits them is happy with their smile.

A 5-Star review from Stanley Johnson says that they suffered, “a broken tooth during COVID-19. Dr. Preece got me in very quickly, took all precautions to guard my and his staff’s safety. He fixed the emergency damage promptly.” All patients can expect such prompt service as well, and the practice is maintaining all social distancing and sanitization protocols for the foreseeable future. As such, patients may make an appointment knowing that they will be afforded as much protection as possible during their visit.

Learn more about the dental practice, the work they do for their community and the various services they offer on their website, which can be accessed here: The practice welcomes all those who would like to connect with their team over social media as well, and they regularly share updates and news on their latest offers with their followers. Furthermore, those who wish to discuss their dental health or are considering making an appointment are welcome to contact Dr. Terry J. Preece of Healthy Smile Dental for expert advice.


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