Anand Medical Spa’s Beauty Enhancement Treatments Can Help Their Clients Look Good Even When Wearing a Face Mask

Anand Medical Spa, one of New York's top choices for non-invasive cosmetic treatments, wants people to know that they can help them look better under a variety of different circumstances. This includes when they are wearing a facemask as a courtesy to others to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. Many people are not aware that when they wear a face mask, it actually accentuates their facial features above the area that the mask covers. This may draw unwanted extra attention to people’s still exposed lines & wrinkles and other signs of aging. Those at this reputable med spa feel mask-wearing could very well become a long-term trend even if the Covid-19 spread is stopped, so individuals might as well have their upper facial features look while wearing one. Anand Medical Spa offers several treatments that can enhance the looks around a person’s eyes, upper cheek area, forehead, and more.

The medspas founder and medical director, Dr. Sunanda Chugh, says, “To say that this year has been unusual would be quite an understatement. It has left all of us very worried at times and stressed out. One thing the year has not done is stop people from wanting to look their best no matter what and we at Anand Medical Spa are here to help. We offer a variety of advanced treatments that will help people refine their appearance without altering their natural beauty. Even mask-wearing has not slowed down our client’s requests for treatments of their still exposed facial areas.”

Anand Medical Spa, dr. Sunanda Chugh

According to the med spa’s founder, some of the treatments that are effective at enhancing a patient’s looks while mask-wearing include Botox Eyebrow lifts, Voluma ® XC treatments for cheeks, and Ultherapy for Skin Tightening and Lifting. One of this well-recognized med spa’s signature services is their 5-minute eyebrow lifts. She says that unlike some med spa’s eyebrow lifts that require anesthesia & small incisions along with a several week recovery period, their 5-minute eyebrow lifts are 100% non-invasive as they only require close to the surface injectables that produce immediate results. More details about these popular treatments can be found on Anand Medical Spa’s website and their Facebook page.

Dr. Chugh herself is very credentialed when it comes to performing the treatments that the clinic offers. She has over 14 years of experience in Aesthetic Medicine and in that time she has become one of NYC’s most sought-after aesthetic doctors. Her clinic is one that believes in taking a more holistic and preventative approach to beauty. This approach is buoyed by her training and background in internal medicine which enables her to bring a unique and fresh perspective to the overall science of aesthetic medicine.

Other appearance enhancing therapies that the clinic provides include treatments for minimizing double chins or turkey necks, therapies that target fleshy or droopy jowls, and therapies that can help those that are unhappy with their lack of jawline definition. Anand Medical Spa also offers treatments that are shown to be effective for those that would like to eliminate mild to moderate facial wrinkles, lax eyebrow or cheek skin, and wrinkles and crepey skin on the upper chest.

This med spa is also very well-reviewed by those that have used their services. Antonio Sauda says, “The doctor is amazing! I’ve seen professionals in London, L.A., and NYC, and she’s my favorite! Patient, thorough, careful, great attention to detail, and really knows what she’s doing. Sometimes I put off procedures just so I can have them done with her when I go to New York. Five stars PLUS." In another 5-star review, Beau Bender wrote, “Dr. Chugh is not only a caring and empathic doctor but a kind and caring person. She eases my nerves through my treatments and not only do I look and feel younger and full of energy after I leave. I actually look forward to my treatments. She is a source of a venerable fountain of youth and energy.” These reviews along with 48 other positive reviews can be seen on this reputable New York City medspa’s GMB Listing.


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