Anaheim Tree Experts Uses Transplanting to Save 3 Oaks from Tree Removal

Anaheim, California – For the last three days, Anaheim Tree Experts has been working on Will Jackson’s landscape, helping him create a space for his new swimming pool. While the homeowner’s original plan involved removing his three oaks to open up the landscape for the upcoming property development project, Anaheim Tree Experts changed his mind after realizing that he had additional space in the front yard. Instead of removing the 3 oaks, Anaheim Tree Experts pulled them out together with their roots and planted them in the front yard.

When talking to reporters about his experience with Anaheim Tree Experts, Will Jackson had the following to report about the company, “From what the neighbors have done with their swimming pools, it looks like the best place for a swimming pool is the backyard – in the backyard, the risks of pool-related accidents are much lower compared to when the pool is on the front yard.”

Anaheim Tree Experts

“The oaks in the backyard were the only thing delaying the pool construction,” added Will Jackson. “While the initial goal was to cut the trees and then remove their stumps, the team at Anaheim Tree Experts had more than a few ideas about the project. They lifted the whole trees and took them to the front yard. They did their job so well one could think the oaks have always been on the front yard.”

Reporters contacted the Anaheim Tree Experts CEO to understand why he would spend much more time on transplanting instead of using tree removal which would have been much easier. The CEO response was very forthcoming with the project’s details.

“The city of Anaheim is currently losing its urban forest to unnecessary tree removals,” said the Anaheim Tree Experts CEO. “If the residents in the city aren’t careful, the urban tree canopy cover will be less than 20% in just a few years.”

“While Will Jackson’s tree removal project was valid,” added the CEO, “Removing the trees was unnecessary when he already had enough space to accommodate the trees on the front yard. The reason why the company’s tree cutting professionals in Anaheim took 3 days on Will’s landscape was to contribute in their way towards protecting the city’s urban forest.”

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Anaheim Tree Experts reportedly took an estimated 12 hours on each tree. According to Will Jackson, the hardest part of the project involved carefully digging around the tree without damaging the roots. Being a top-rated tree removal company in Anaheim, however, the company already had modern tree service tools that made the project move at a slightly faster rate.

According to the homeowner, the company estimated the length of the roots and then dug holes large enough to support each of the trees. These holes were filled with manure and rich soil once the trees were placed inside. The company’s team of qualified professionals in Anaheim covered the oaks’ base with mulch before advising Will Jackson to water the trees once per day for about 3 months. According to the company, the watering would help the roots re-establish themselves in the new location.

“This is California,” said Will Jackson, “which means Anaheim rarely gets rain. This means that the watering process will involve a lot of work. However, Anaheim Tree Experts did a very commendable job saving the oak trees. The trees carry a lot of family history – this is history will the family now has the ability to protect.”

Anaheim Tree Experts’ tree removal team has reportedly saved more than 60 trees in 2021 alone. According to the company’s CEO, the team will continue in this spirit to ensure that only damaged, dead, or hazardous trees are removed.

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