Anaheim Party Bus Company Details Main Factors that Affect Party Bus Rental Prices

Anaheim Party Bus Company, a top party bus rental service in Anaheim, CA is providing important information about the factors that impact costs related to renting a party bus for event transportation. According to the company’s website, party bus rental fees are dependent on several factors. The main factors, which will affect the cost of party bus rentals, are the length of the ride; where the bus rental destination is located in relation to the customer’s pick-up location; the time period for the party bus rental; the type of party bus rented; and the day of the week the party bus is needed. Anaheim Party Bus Company is committed to making party bus rentals affordable, regardless of a person’s financial background.

Greater details about the main factors that affect party bus rentals in Anaheim, CA can be found on the company’s website.

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Company representative, Bee Delewis, had this to say. “At Anaheim Party Bus Company, we want everyone to be able to enjoy the experiences of our city while traveling in style and have fun doing it. We believe it is not only important to make our prices affordable, but to also educate our customers on the things that affect costs to help them better prepare the transportation portion of their event planning.”

Anaheim Party Bus Company is the premier party bus rental company in Anaheim, CA. The company specializes in party bus rentals for any type of event including proms, weddings, bachelor or bachelorette parties, and even company events.

Anaheim Party Bus Company offers five different size buses in order to accommodate practically any size group for events. They have their 12 Passenger Bus, which can comfortable handle 10 to 12 group members. Even though this bus is their smallest, it comes fully equipped with all the features such as TVs, iPod connections, comfortable seating, and mood lighting to give that party feel.

The company’s 20 Passenger Bus is suited for 14 to 20 guests and can be used for birthday parties, weddings, proms, and more. The party bus company also welcome requests for other customization options.

If the need is for a larger group than the 20 Passenger Bus can accommodate, no need to fear. Anaheim Party Bus Company has their next larger size that has the capacity for 21 to 30 guests. The company’s 30 Passenger Bus will make sure everyone has enough room to be comfortable and enjoy a memorable event. This bus also comes fully loaded with luxury amenities and can even be used for special out of town events.

For those that need to go bigger, there is the company’s 40 Passenger Bus. This bus has enough room for 31 to 40 group members and can be equipped with the likes of a mini bar and even dance poles. The dance floor is large enough for everyone to enjoy their favorite music while dancing to their destination. There are many other customizations available and the bus comes in varying shapes and colors.

The largest party bus rental Anaheim Party Bus Company offers can also be equipped with all the amenities offered in their other buses but can seat a whopping 41 to 50 guests comfortably. The 50 Passenger Bus can be customized to fit both formal and informal events. For the partygoers, this bus can be looked at as a club on wheels. It can however also be converted to suit a group looking for church transportation as well.

Anaheim Party Bus Company is available to assist with the transportation planning for group travel. Those interested in planning assistance can call the company’s customer service at 657-500-3871. For others interested in an instant online quote, visit the company’s website and complete the online form with the requested information.

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