Anaheim Lighthouse Supports Buena Park Homeless Shelter

Anaheim, California – Anaheim Lighthouse, a drug and alcohol treatment facility in Anaheim, CA is lending its support to the Buena Park Navigation Center, a newly-opened homeless shelter that aims to provide people living in the streets with transitional housing and at the same time connect them with services such as health care, education, and employment programs.

The Buena Park Navigation Center, which is being operated by Mercy House, has started accepting ten residents a day on June 30, 2020. Upon arrival, the new residents get a free set of clothes and a shower. The residents will also have access to services available at the center including recovery meetings from partners like Anaheim Lighthouse.

Tamara Jimenez, Community Relations Manager at the Lighthouse, said that Anaheim Lighthouse has a long-standing relationship with Mercy House and their shelters throughout Orange County. As there are residents who may be dealing with drug and mental health issues, Anaheim Lighthouse has always offered its services at no cost to assist with bringing recovery meetings into the facilities, volunteering time, and donating much needed items.

“Buena Park Navigation Center is the newest homeless shelter to open in Orange County and we were happy to assist with getting beds ready and helping on the day of the tour. We also helped create an area where community members could write encouragement notes for incoming residents, along with providing some much needed donations to help the residents feel at home. We are planning to start the recovery meetings right away to support residents who may be struggling with substance abuse issues,” said Jimenez.

The Buena Park Navigation Center is located at 6494 Caballero Blvd. Buena Park, California. It will have 90 beds for men, 49 beds for women and 10 beds for couples at full capacity. At this time, however, the available beds will be lowered because of social distancing protocols.


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