Anaheim Lighthouse Cohosts Orange County Substance Use Disorder Virtual Community Engagement Meeting

Anaheim, California - Anaheim Lighthouse, a drug and alcohol treatment facility in Anaheim, California cohosted the Orange County Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Virtual Community Engagement Meeting on March 11, 2021. The meeting was held in association with the Orange County Health Care Agency and other partners. The goal of the virtual community meeting was to encourage attendees to provide input and help inform planning for the FY 2021-22 Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) Annual Plan Update.

Anaheim Lighthouse staff and alumni participated in the online meeting to show their support and contribute their insights regarding the meeting topics. According to Sara Alba, Alumni Coordinator of the Lighthouse, taking part in this important activity underlines the commitment of the Lighthouse to being a voice and example in the local community.

“This experience was a great way to get involved and stay informed. These topics concern so many in our community. I am grateful to be a part of positive changes happening in our county,” said Sara.

Members of the Anaheim Lighthouse Alumni Program were also grateful for the opportunity to take part in this community meeting. For Ari Lim, the SUD engagement meeting motivated her to become more involved in the community.

“Contributing to this Community Engagement meeting helped me to see that we are part of something bigger. I want to use my voice and experience to help others get the help and support they need,” shared Ari.

Brandy Fajardo, another member of the Lighthouse Alumni Program, said that the meeting was an eye opener for her and it encouraged her to be more supportive of these types of initiatives.

“It was eye opening that there are not enough resources out there and that there is so much yet to be done. If I can even be a small contributor to help change people’s lives and access to resources, I want to be involved,” said Brandy.


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