Anaheim Lighthouse Alumni Bring Valentine Cheer And Support To Orange County Homeless Youth

Anaheim, California - Anaheim Lighthouse, a drug and alcohol treatment facility in Anaheim, California has partnered with Project Hope Alliance to provide support and bring Valentine cheer to the homeless youth in the Orange County area. Members of the Anaheim Lighthouse Alumni Program created gift baskets which were distributed to the homeless kids on Valentine’s Day.

Project Hope Alliance is an organization with a mission to end the cycle of homelessness, one child at a time. They organize different initiatives and programs to pursue their commitment to provide support and opportunities to homeless youth from kindergarten through age 24.

Arienne Lim

Sara Alba, Alumni Coordinator of Anaheim Lighthouse, said that the Anaheim Lighthouse Alumni members volunteered their time and resources to fill the gift baskets with hygiene products, school supplies, and Valentine treats.

“This initiative with Project Hope Alliance was a great way for us alumni members to give back to the community. I am very thankful to our alumni and their families who took the time to participate in this wonderful activity. We are definitely looking forward to more community service projects in the coming months,” said Sara.

Ari Lim, Executive Assistant of the Lighthouse and also a member of the Lighthouse Alumni Program, shared that she was very grateful for having the opportunity to take part in this activity with Project Hope Alliance.

“Making these gift baskets and picking out Valentine goodies for the kids was a very happy and rewarding experience. In our small way, we hope that we were able to encourage these children and show them the love and support that they deserve. Thank you Project Hope Alliance for letting us be a part of this amazing project,” said Ari.


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