An International Shipping Store in Denton, TX is Highlighting New Shipping Methods

International Shipping in Denton TX

Denton, Texas. – Pack N’ Mail South is known to be a trusted company for international shipping in Denton, TX. The company is shifting to a new shipping and tracking method, Dalsey Hillblom Lynn (DHL). DHL is proving to be a faster, cheaper, and easier way to ship for companies around the nation. This is particularly true for international shipping.

DHL offers shipping for small packages all the way up to 600 pounds, and the average transit time quoted by the company is 1-3 days. DHL shipping has more international hubs than competitors. The company also does not charge pickup fees, processing fees, or create penalties for shipping volume. DHL is a great option for companies such as Pack N’ Mail South as it provides easier, more reliable options for the company to provide quality customer service.

In cases where DHL does charge fees, they are often cheaper than their competitors’ fees, allowing Pack N’ Mail South to keep costs low for their customers as well. DHL also allows Pack N’ Mail South to provide customers with real-time tracking, including detailed progress as your package is shipped. DHL is a German company that successfully delivers billions of packages a year.

Pack N’ Mail seeks to provide a worry-free process for packing and shipping in Denton, TX. The company is happy to announce this transition as a way to better serve their customers. Pack N’ Mail South will still be offering FedEx and United States Postal Service deliveries, as well as DHL. The team at Pack N’ Mail South has been serving the local community since 1994 and is dedicated to providing quality products and services to customers. For more information about DHL shipping and tracking or shipping and packing needs in general, give them a call at (940) 565-6400 or visit them online at


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