An Ear Care Center in McDonough, GA Highlights Recent Hearing Care Health Clinic

hearing specialist in McDonough, GA

McDonough, GA. – Beltone is pleased to announce its yearly hearing health clinic for the local Beltone community. Beltone USA, a valued ear care center in McDonough, GA, is a part of the national Beltone brand. The clinic took place in August for those with hearing and hearing device concerns.

The free clinic offered three services for patients including hearing screening, hearing aid performance checks, and free otoscope exams. The exams helped audiologists determine hearing loss causes and hearing device issues for patients who have been experiencing problems. The hearing device check also provided a free device cleaning for patients.

The free exams worked to rule out ear wax problems and provide the next steps for patients with hearing issues. For patient’s safety, the free hearing clinic was by appointment only. Beltone also recently opened an online store for hearing aid accessories and started providing telehealth appointments to limit in-store traffic.

The free hearing health clinic is an effort to promote the importance of hearing screening and promote hearing loss awareness. Hearing screenings are extremely important as hearing loss can be an early warning sign of many other issues such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. Hearing loss can also result in depression and social isolation if not treated early.

Beltone has over 1,500 locations across the nation including a hearing specialist in McDonough, GA. The company is known for having award-winning discreet hearing aid technology to fit the need of every patient. All Beltone hearing aids come with lifetime complimentary follow-up care and affordable financing plans to make hearing care as effortless as possible for Beltone patients. For more information about free hearing tests or hearing care devices give Beltone USA in McDonough a call at (770) 957-9074 or visit them online at


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