An Awards Shop Known for Custom Engraving in San Antonio, TX is Highlighting Their Customized Yeti Cups

San Antonio, Texas - There are many precautions an individual can take to maintain a healthy body, but there is one essential element of staying healthy that people often forget about– hydration. To remind the community of this vital element of maintaining health, Monarch Trophy Studio, a company specializing in custom engraving in San Antonio, TX, is highlighting its customizable Yeti cups this month.

There are many ways to encourage oneself to drink more water throughout the day. Techniques such as adding fresh fruit or squeezing a bit of lemon juice into a bottle of water work great, but another factor that can make a big difference is the type of bottle that the water is carried in. For example, many people struggle to enjoy drinking water if their supply is not cold, and the type of bottle used plays a large part in the temperature of the contents. This is why Yeti cups are exceedingly handy when it comes to hydration. They can keep water cold for at least six hours, whereas common water bottles quickly lose their chill in room-temperature environments.

Monarch Trophy Studio is proud to provide Yeti cups in many different sizes, shapes, and colors, ensuring an optimal option for everyone. They even take an extra step by offering to personalize the cups. Upon purchasing a Yeti cup, one can request to have a design, word, phrase, or logo engraved on it. The base prices of the cups range from $19.99 to $49.99, depending on the size and shape. From there, engravings will cost an additional $10.00 to $25.00, depending on the size of the engraving design, as well as the quantity purchased. Because they are personalized, Monarch Trophy Studio’s engraved Yeti cups are not only great for individuals but also organized groups, such as a sports team or a team of employees. The selection of Yeti cups, as well as their prices and color options, can be found within the Monarch Trophy Studio website:

Monarch Trophy Studio is one of the largest award stores in the country, providing the community with medals, corporate awards, plaques, custom engravings, and trophies in San Antonio, TX. They are not only dedicated to creating the best customer experiences, but they also strive to support positive and healthy practices within their community. For more information regarding Monarch Trophy Studio’s custom Yeti cups or other products, give them a call at (210) 344-3777 or visit them online at


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