Amundson Law Office Offers Services on Spousal and Child Support Issues

Amundson Law Office, a firm based in Eagan, Minnesota, has announced that family law attorney Lisa Amundson is offering legal advice in the Twin Cities Metropolitan area on spousal and child support issues. It should be noted that while in the past, spousal maintenance was awarded by a family court to stay-at-home mothers, the increase in dual-income households and certain developments in society have caused the courts to make sure that they really take a look at the specific financial situation of each divorcing couple rather simply depending on gender roles that are practically no longer relevant.

Every child requires emotional and financial support from both parents. The state of Minnesota ensures parental responsibility for such support for children. This support involves financial, medical, and child care, and should come from both parents. Child support is defined as money that has been ordered by the court to be paid by a parent to the child’s other parent or caregiver to support the child’s needs. This may be a temporary, interim, permanent, or modified court order in a: divorce or legal separation, order for protection, child custody action, parentage action, or separate child support action.

Lisa Amundson

And with regards to spousal maintenance, this may be either temporary or permanent. Temporary spousal maintenance, which is also called rehabilitative maintenance, is awarded to a spouse for a specific period of time to help in the education, skills development, or job training of that spouse to ensure that they would be able to work and support themselves in the future.

Meanwhile, permanent spousal support may be awarded by a court for an indefinite period of time. This is usually for cases where the receiving spouse is incapable of self-support based on what they earned while married.

There may be cases where child support and spousal maintenance is “reserved,” which means that the divorce proceedings will continue, while the issue on the support for the spouse or children will be considered at a later time or date. This situation will usually need additional legal support. Those who are offered a settlement where support will be reserved should consult with an experienced family law attorney to make sure that their best interests are covered for their particular situation.

Lisa Amundson, a family law attorney from the Amundson Law Office, says, “If you are facing a child support or spousal maintenance issue and need help, take advantage of our free initial consultation by contacting me. I will work with you to develop a plan that addresses the priorities and needs of both you and your children.”

Lisa Amundson can help in all areas of family law, including: child support and spousal maintenance modifications; child custody, parenting time and visitation; domestic abuse situations; and asset division / high asset divorce.

She wants to point out that those who are going through a divorce should be aware of where they are in the process and what will happen next. Their legal team is ready to help them remain informed at every step. The first step in the divorce process is the filing for divorce. Next is filing for temporary support and custody. Then, there is the discovery process, which is designed to allow both parties equal access to documents on key financial information. Next would be the custody and financial issues, which are usually the key issues in a divorce. Attorney Amundson ensures that she will protect the client’s rights and focus on getting the best possible outcome.

Next will be the negotiations where the family law attorney can help in determining whether to continue fighting or be content with a good compromise. This requires a lot of experience and in-depth knowledge of the law. And finally, there will be the settlement process or if not, the trial process.

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