American Tree & Landscaping LLC Brings Professional Tree Services To Woodbridge VA Customers

Woodbridge, VA based American Tree & Landscaping LLC is pleased to place their tree care expertise at the disposal of local residents and businesses. The company is committed to ensuring that the trees and shrubbery on their customers’ properties remain neat, tidy and safe. Notably, they are also committed to carrying out their duties while maintaining safe social distancing and so on to protect both their team and customers.

No matter what time of year it is, a property owner has to consider the health of any trees they are responsible for. There are a multitude of reasons for this, from ensuring that they continue to grow as intended and provide the same great advantages they are known for to checking whether they are a safety hazard and have to be removed. However, a great deal of specialized knowledge is needed to keep trees healthy as well as determine when they are not. Fortunately, the team at American Tree & Landscaping LLC is more than capable of providing this care.

Tree removal service being completed by an arborist with American Tree & Landscaping LLC in Woodbridge, VA

A great many trees require a specific soil composition, space for their root system and other conditions to flourish, for instance, and only a few are able to grow almost anywhere. A tree that suffers from stunted growth may not provide the benefits that are expected and might have to be replaced, whereas one that is given the environment it needs to grow to its full potential can provide considerable visual appeal as well as help control the heating and cooling costs of nearby buildings (which is one reason they are perfectly suited for residential properties).

Furthermore, trees and other greenery have been shown in numerous studies to have a calming, relaxing effect on a person’s mind. As a result, the company advises that homeowners and businesses treat their trees as an investment that needs to be looked after. With the proper care, a tree can last for decades — or even centuries.

In most cases, such care can only be provided by a professional tree service company. American Tree & Landscaping makes it their business to examine a tree from tip to root upon arriving at a customer’s property, taking in a variety of factors to determine what the nature of a problem may be and what can be done to fix it. Trees often only need to be pruned (or have certain branches cut to preserve the overall health of the tree).

This may be done for either of two major purposes: to clear the tree of any rot or infestation or to keep branches from growing too close to a nearby structure and threatening its integrity. Pruning a tree incorrectly, however, can damage its health and eventually lead to its untimely demise. Such tasks, while seemingly simple on the surface, should be left to the professionals. The same is true for tree removal, which can be incredibly dangerous if done poorly. Notably, several online reviews of the company can attest to the value of their assistance in such matters.

A 5-Star Google review from Mike Z. states, “American Tree was exceptional. I had them out to down a few giant trees that were hollowed out and dead near my house. They were all down safely and quicker than I could have ever imagined. This was the most stress free experience and I am extremely grateful. Highly recommended!”

A similarly glowing review from Stacey DeBenedictis touches on how responsive the company is and how transparent they are about certain aspects of their services, such as availability. In the review, the customer explains that, “My neighbor was getting work on their trees this morning and when I asked the owner if they could possibly squeeze my trees in too he was very honest and let me know that it may be the next day. I looked out my window an hour ago and they were working on mine today. Great prices. Great reliability and very respectful. Highly professional and recommended.”

American Tree & Landscaping serves the communities of both Woodbridge and Prince William County, Virginia, Their services include tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, storm cleanup and landscape installation and maintenance. Customers are welcome to visit the company’s website or contact Abel Bethancourt of American Tree & Landscaping LLC directly for further details.


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