Ameri Care Physical Therapy: Ankle Therapy For Range Of Motion Now Available

Garwood, NJ based AmeriCare Physical Therapy is pleased to introduce their Ankle Therapy for Range of Motion (AROM) service to the wider public. Often prescribed for arthritis, to assist with the initial recovery of joint motion and/or gentle strengthening (without trauma to joints), the service represents an important tool for those who wish to begin regaining their mobility.

At AmeriCare Physical Therapy, their team physiotherapy specialists focuses on helping patients improve their range of motion and wellbeing through massages, exercises and so on. Many of the treatments they provide are designed to assist patients on their journey to better health as possible, and this has numerous advantages. For one, patients often find that they need less help from third parties to complete minor tasks, thereby allowing them a greater sense of independence. On the other hand, physiotherapy can help mitigate or even eliminate pain in certain situations.

AmeriCare Physical Therapy

Arthritis, it then follows, represents one of the main issues that people have to deal with, especially as they age. It can affect virtually any joint. While there are more than 100 types of arthritis, many of which can impede the movement of the foot or ankle. According to the clinic, each type of arthritis that affects this part of the body can make walking quite difficult (to say the least), let alone any activity considered more strenuous. There are no cures for this type of issue either. However, certain treatment programs can vastly improve a patient’s outlook, and this is typically where AmeriCare Physical Therapy does their best work. Read more about the clinic on their GMB listing.

AmeriCare Physical Therapy’s Ankle Therapy for Range of Motion targets specific regions of the foot and ankle, making it particularly useful for those suffering from arthritis or any other ailment that has significantly weakened their joints. Recovery from such a state cannot be rushed, and this is why AROM is perfectly suited to the task. During a session, a member of the clinic’s staff may guide the patient through a series of motions that slowly rebuilds the strength in their ankle. Given how weak the ankle is likely to be at this point, the clinic states that it is vital for the patient to avoid introducing further trauma to their joints, even during exercise and therapy. Fortunately, with the help of AROM, they can achieve the desired result without placing the patient at risk of further deterioration.

While there are exercises that patients can do at home, the clinic states that it is better to consult with an expert before attempting any new therapies or exercises. They urge their community to get in touch if they have any concerns regarding their well being or future treatments. They also consider community outreach and awareness a crucial aspect of their services. To this end, AmeriCare Physical Therapy maintains an active presence on various social media platforms, through which they provide updates on their services as well as insight on new procedures and so on. Those interested are welcome to connect with the clinic through their Facebook page and more.

In Lisa Hallam’s recommendation of the clinic on Facebook, she explains that, “I recently completed several weeks of OT with Giselle. I would highly recommend her and AmeriCare. Everyone was so nice, appointments were easy to make and the environment was very welcoming. Giselle was awesome. She helped me to get back full use of my wrist after I broke it. Couldn’t be happier.”

The clinic also boasts a full 5-Star rating on the Google platform, aggregated over more than 100 reviews from satisfied patients. “Patrick did a great job getting me from completely non-weight bearing back to an active lifestyle,” says an excerpt from Olivia Gonzalez’s glowing review. “He was thoughtful and really took the time to craft a treatment plan to help me reach my post surgery goals. The rest of the staff is great as well, especially Brandon, who assisted with my treatment, and Terry, who helped navigate the insurance maze. The interactions I had with the other therapists proved they are all very knowledgeable and obviously care about their patients. I would highly recommend AmeriCare PT in Garwood.”

Other reviews help illustrate the kind of service offered at AmeriCare Physical Therapy, and patients are always welcome to send their feedback directly to the team if they so wish. Similarly, further details regarding their services can be found on the clinic’s official website. Patients are also welcome to contact the clinic via phone or email to discuss their personal situation and decide on a course of action with an informed representative.


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