Ambience Dental Offers Sleep Dentistry and Other Options to Ease Anxious Patient's Minds

Ambience Dental is a Fairy Meadow, NSW-based dental practice that fully realizes that many people get very anxious when it’s time to come visit them for a treatment. They state that even though this is a very normal feeling, it can be concerning if someone decides not to get an important dental treatment done because of their anxiousness. This is why the staff at Ambience Dental has gone to great lengths to prioritize their patients’ comfort and well-being.

A clinic representative, Vivek Reddy, says, “Being experienced dental professionals, we recognize that the mouth area and teeth, in general, are one of the most sensitive areas on everyone’s bodies. This tends to make some people very anxious when it’s time to get their dental treatments done. In fact, some people are so apprehensive when it comes to getting dental work done, they even consider putting off their all-important dental treatments. This is something that we as dental professionals never like to see happen. It’s also the reason why we have developed many ways in which we can put peoples minds at ease while they are getting health and smile promoting dental treatments done.”

Reddy went on to say that before they can put their patients' minds at ease, they must first take the time to understand any anxiousness or apprehension that their patients may have regarding their upcoming dental procedures. A treating dentist does this by first getting to know a patient on a level that makes them feel more comfortable. The dentist will also take the time to explain the upcoming dental procedure in as much or as little detail as the patient desires. They will also listen to the patient and truthfully answer any questions they have regarding their upcoming dental procedure. Next, the treatment will begin normally or additional steps will be taken to make a patient feel more at ease.

The clinic representative stated that for patients that are still anxious after talking to the dentist, that dentist has the necessary expertise and facilities in place to make their patient more comfortable before undergoing any dental treatment. This can include simple steps such as distracting a patient with music or TV or more substantial steps that include sleep sedation dentistry. Sleep dentistry using IV sedation makes a patient feel like they are in a dream as they get their important dental work taken care of. It works so well that a patient will have little or no recollection of their dental procedure. Laughing gas can also be used to help those get over anxiousness when getting minor dental procedures done. He says that for extreme cases of dental anxiety, the best course of action may be a general anesthetic. This can only be done at such facilities as Wollongong Day Surgery, Wollongong private hospital, or the Shell-Harbour private hospital. Reddy emphasized that with their over 40-years of experience in their field, the dentists at Ambience Dental are very good at helping a patient determine what extent they need to go to in order to get over their anxiousness. Making their patients comfortable is something that they have had great success with regularly. Reddy also talked about how it does not matter whether someone is getting regular cosmetic procedures, root canal, or all-on-4 dental implants done, their dentists will do whatever it takes to alleviate their patient’s anxiousness before that dental procedure starts.

Those that have received dental treatments at Ambience Dental claim to have had a very pleasant experience. Bonnie Westbury stated, “Professional and friendly. I couldn't ask for more from the team at Ambience dental. They've made my experience easy and painless every step of the way.” Danny Issa wrote in his 5-star review, “Nice surgery, great staff. My family and I have been going to this practice for 30 years and don’t think you will find better. Very professional and helpful.” Andrew Thomas proclaimed, “Administration people are efficient and friendly. The dental surgeon and support staff were friendly and proficient. They also took the time to answer questions in a considered manner.”

Those that would like more information on the Sleep Dentistry and other services that this dentist Wollongong provides can contact them by phone, email, or via the ‘Ask Us A Question’ form that’s found on their website’s homepage.


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