Ambassador Limousine Service Turns Bachelorette Trip Into a Party on the Road

Atlanta, Georgia – On Saturday, Ambassador Limousine Service was hired by Rachel Scott who had organized a nice party in Atlanta City to enjoy her last weekend as an unmarried woman. Even though Rachel Scott only needed a simple vehicle to take her friends to the bachelorette party, Ambassador Limousine Service decided to do more than expected – the company made the trip from Rachel’s apartment to the party location unforgettable.

“When I called Ambassador Limousine Service to book a vehicle,” said Rachel Scott, “I was surprised when they started asking questions like the types of drinks my friends and I prefer, the type of music we vibe to, and whether or not we enjoy dance floor lights. Little did I know that the company was planning to turn the vehicle I had booked into a club on wheels.”

When the vehicle arrived at the pickup location, Rachel and her friends were surprised when they found a minibar, dance poles, and TV screens showing her favorite show.

“We poured the champagne and then sat on the reclining seats to quench our thirst,” added Rachel Scott. “Our sitting period, however, did not last long. It was like the chauffeur understood us on a deeper level. By the time we finished the first glass of champagne, dance floor lights started shining inside the vehicle, the TVs switched off, and the stereo system came to life, blasting off the type of songs I love to move my body to. We got on the dance floor immediately, alternating between using the dance poles while cutting the rug and going back for a refill in the minibar.”

Rachel Scott noted that she did not even know how the vehicle covered the distance from her apartment to the bachelorette party location. Time passed on too quickly and before she even knew it, they had arrived at the party.

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“Before getting married,” said the Ambassador Limousine Service CEO, “most women organize bachelorette parties to bid farewell to singlehood. Bachelorette parties are supposed to be extra special – after all, it is one of those days that most women enjoy once in a lifetime. For this reason, we always do our best to ensure our customers are getting as much fun as possible. We have always believed that our customers should not sit bored in traffic – this is why we make the bachelorette party begin the moment the ladies step inside their party bus rental.”

Rachel Scott was impressed with the Ambassador Limousine Service timekeeping capabilities. She noted that her chauffeur arrived at the pickup location 15 minutes earlier.

“Steve is the best chauffeur,” said Rachel Scott, “He kept us informed of his whereabouts while heading to the pickup location. We were supposed to leave at 8 pm. Steve, however, was at the gate at around 7:45 pm. When he arrived, he called and let us know that he was not rushing us – he relaxed in the party bus as we finished our preparations.”

Rachel noted that when the team joined Steve on the party bus, he greeted them warmly and then made the effort to understand their needs.

“Steve wanted to know if we wanted to stop anywhere on the road,” said Rachel Scott. “As we were busy partying inside the party bus, Steve talked to us whenever we reached each of the destinations on the itinerary we had given to him.”

Our reporters talked to Ambassador Limousine Service to determine how the company manages to keep its customers satisfied. The CEO noted that his company has been offering transportation services for over 2 decades. The experience gained over the years has helped the company improve its services. The CEO also noted that the company’s success was largely influenced by its chauffeurs – he noted that Ambassador Limousine Service only hires professionals with people skills and passion for luxury travel.

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