Amazon Product Finding Tool Part Of The ManageByStats Suite

MBS Retriever, an Amazon product finding tool, is part of the ManageByStats suite of software tools for Amazon sellers. Users of ManageByStats can find MBS Retriever in the Catapult section of their main menu. MBS Retriever is a Chrome extension and therefore also stands alone, and can be used by anyone, not only MBS users. MBS Retriever helps Amazon sellers quickly and easily compare products when searching Amazon, using multiple criteria, in order to help narrow down and select high-performing products to sell on Amazon. Retriever provides valuable comparative info on products being searched on Amazon.

“Retriever is one of those tools every Amazon seller should have in their toolkit,” says MBS CEO, Philip Jepsen. “Sellers are always looking to add to their brands, and Retriever helps make it incredibly efficient to search for and discover that next great product.”

ManageByStats is a suite of software tools for Amazon sellers that features tools in several categories, including tool sets for customer interaction, inventory management and the monitoring and reporting of profit and sales. The Retriever extension is sellers’ direct connection between inspiration and finding a winning product when browsing Amazon. The MBS data analysis engine takes the guesswork out of product research by offering calculated monthly sales and revenue volume based on real Amazon sales, taking into account historical sales and historical pricing data. Retriever is available in the Chrome Web Store.

“It’s a Chrome extension, which means anyone can download and use it,” says Mister Jepsen. “And it’s free. So, whether you’re using the other tools in ManageByStats, or you're an Amazon seller who just needs a helpful way to research new products, Retriever is for you.”

For more info on MBS Retriever, please visit the ManageByStats site or contact the company directly. If interested parties have further questions, ManageByStats may be contacted directly by email


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