Alter Launches A Business Name Generator

Alter is pleased to announce the launch of their name generator for businesses. Given the already massive, and rising, importance of brand names, the company has made it their mission to connect entrepreneurs with premium business names.

The team behind Alter originally worked on very different ideas as part of their startup pursuits. However, they found that these efforts had the habit of bringing them to the same problem once a given idea had been developed to a certain point: it was incredibly difficult to find attractive business names, particularly those that needed an accompanying domain name to compete online in the digital era. As any entrepreneur quickly discovers over the course of their business’ operations, a recognizable brand name is synonymous with success since millions of businesses around the world are always competing for customer attention. Against this competitive backdrop, a brand name that stands out is extremely valuable to a business’s success as well as its future.

“A premium name can help a business stand out from the crowd,” states a company representative. “However, finding a great domain is like looking for a needle in the haystack. Most good domains are already taken. This is why we built Alter, a domain marketplace that connects entrepreneurs with premium business names.”

In practice, the Alter business name generator simplifies one of the most vital stages of launching a business (or launching a rebrand). While new entrepreneurs may be highly skeptical of the value of a name, especially where a domain is concerned, Alter advises them to reconsider this perspective. To begin with, they point out that many modern industry giants whose brands are household names once had completely different labels. As they grew into multinational entities, their leadership recognized the need to conduct business under a memorable, direct and assertive brand name. For instance, Nike, Skype, Sony, Amazon and Walmart were once called Blue Ribbon Sports, Sky Peer-to-Peer, Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo, Cadabra and Walton’s Five and Dime, respectively. The marketable power in the new names is unmistakable, especially when compared to their counterparts.

However, the platform does encourage users to dedicate some effort to finding a name that suits their business and its services. While Alter makes this process much easier by offering a selection of available possibilities, only the entrepreneur in question will be able to identify which name works best for their purposes.

One of the primary requirements of a brand name is for it to be memorable and easy to recall. If a customer or client cannot remember the name of the company they are looking for, they are likely to use a search engine to look for a company that offers the services they require. Depending on their search terms, this may not lead them to the desired result. Alter recommends shorter brand names (in most cases) for just this reason.

A name that stands out can also lend character and personality to a product or service that may be offered by many other businesses. Unique, distinct brand names have a tendency to feel more comfortable to customers as well, so they can have the additional effect of evoking a sense of familiarity with the business’ target demographics. Alter observes that people often make purchasing decisions based on their emotional state as much as the practical value of the item in question. A brand can appear more welcoming by projecting the right image, thereby drawing more customers.

Among Alter’s greatest strengths is its ability to let entrepreneurs look for available domains that match their proposed brand name. Customers will look for a business’ domain based on its brand name, so using a matched pair is crucial to ensuring they visit the correct website. Alter can be used to find names that come pre-packaged with a domain as well as a logo (though the latter is subject to change).

Alter was designed to make it easier for entrepreneurs to find a brand name that meets their needs in the digital age. However, the company understands that many will still have questions regarding this process. They welcome any inquiries on the subject from entrepreneurs, and their team is standing by to offer as much assistance as possible. Further details can also be found on their official website.


For more information about Alter, contact the company here:

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