Alpha Land Realty Provides Land Owners an Option to Sell Land Fast

Alpha Land Realty, a company based in Culpeper, Virginia, has announced that they are offering land owners an option to sell vacant land fast. They are a group of real estate investors that are ready to purchase vacant land anywhere in the state of Virginia. This option that they are offering to land owners provides a number of benefits. These include: fast closing, no commissions to be paid to a realtor, no closing costs, and hassle-free sale. More about this opportunity to sell vacant land easily and quickly can be found on the company's website.

Bradley Benner, a spokesperson for Alpha Land Realty, says, "We buy land fast and for cash. We strive to make the sale process very easy for our clients. Our goal as a land buying company is to be found when a land owner searches "sell my land", then help you sell your land fast so that you can focus on what’s more important to you. Simply fill out our online property assessment worksheet and you will receive a written offer from us within two weeks.”

Alpha Land Realty offers property owners an option to sell land fast

If the land owner agrees to the offer sent by the company, they will then prepare for the closing and handle all of the necessary documents and pay for all of the necessary fees so that they can usually close within four to six weeks after getting signed purchase agreement from a land owner.

Because they are real estate investors and not real estate agents, they are not going to list the land on the MLS. They are the actual principal buyers of the land and will therefore not charge any sales commissions or listing fees. This allows them to close within four to six weeks instead of several months as often is the case when selling land through the regular channels, particularly with a real estate agent.

It really takes a long time to sell vacant land because there is little demand and banks don’t usually lend money for land so the land owner would have to find a cash buyer or be content with owner financing, which means they only receive a small amount of money, monthly. Furthermore, listing with a real estate agent will incur sales commissions plus the agent or broker will not usually give priority to vacant land because it offers less commissions compared to when they sell an improved property.

The amount to be offered by Alpha Land Realty for a particular land will depend on a number of factors, such as shape, location, size, zoning, access to utilities and roads, demand, local real estate market conditions, and assessed value. Once the company has thoroughly researched all of those factors, they will provide the land owner with a fair offer and the ability to close fast.

For land owners whose title is not clear, has other named owners, or has liens, the company has a lot of experience in buying property with various kinds of title circumstances. They have access to lawyers and professional title agents who can usually find a solution for almost any title issue and the company offers the necessary resources to fix such issues whenever necessary. With regards to taxes, any arrears on taxes or dues will be negotiated as part of their offer and will be paid with the proceeds of the sale at closing. For those who don’t have their original deed, they have title agents who can get the records required for closing from the county directly, as long as they were recorded properly. This will not cost the land seller anything because they will cover all fees.

The Alpha Land Realty land buying process has four steps. First, the land owner accomplishes the property assessment worksheet and they will then review its value. Second, they will provide a fair offer through phone or email. Third, the owner signs a purchase and sales agreement if the offer is acceptable. Fourth, the closing date is set, the closing documents are prepared, and the company pays the owner.

Those who want to learn more about how to sell land fast in Virginia may want to check out the Alpha Land Realty website, contact them on the phone, or through email.


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