Alleviate Tax Announces Partnership with Bliss Drive

Alleviate Tax, based in Irvine, CA is a company that specializes in IRS assistance, tax relief and tax resolution. In an effort to spread the word about their ability to help taxpayers with their tax resolution needs, Alleviate Tax has announced that they have begun working with Bliss Drive. Bliss Drive, with offices in Los Angeles, CA and Irvine, CA, is a strategic digital marketing firm focused on providing comprehensive web marketing services for a variety of clientele.

Alleviate Tax offers a variety of services to help individuals and businesses find tax relief and resolve their outstanding debt with the IRS. Among these tax resolution services is Offer-in-Compromise, which is a difficult resolution strategy to achieve, but can potentially allow an individual to significantly reduce their tax debt. Another tax resolution strategy of interest is called the Installment Agreement, which can help an individual to pay off their debt over time, rather than being required to pay it all off in one lump sum. To learn more, interested readers can visit the Alleviate Tax website by clicking the following link: Alleviate Tax.

“We want to spread the word about the tax resolution strategies available to those out there struggling with IRS tax debt,” the CEO of Alleviate Tax, George Baseluos, said. “That’s why we recently started working with Bliss Drive. So we can let people know that there is a trustworthy place for them to go where they can get help with the IRS and find relief from their tax debt.”

Bliss Drive, founded by Richard Fong, states on their website that their “priority is to maximize [their client’s] online exposure, not only to help [them] acquire more customers, but acquire better customers which lead to more sales and larger profits.”

Bliss Drive offers a range of digital marketing services, including: competitive analysis, SEO, web design, content marketing and pay-per-click. To learn more about Bliss Drive’s services, readers can visit their website at

For more information about Alleviate Tax, readers can view the Alleviate Tax website by visiting To get in contact with Alleviate Tax, interested individuals can visit their Contact Us page at, or speak directly with a tax consultant by calling (888) 859-8291. For directions to the Alleviate Tax office, simply click here.


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